Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stopmotion Vid Post

When I stop looking at all the booty booty rockin vids long enuff I find little gems such as this.

Not that I am on a constant look out for them more than usual. It's just shapely people shaking thangs is like tater chips. Just can't have just one. And youtube done decided to put like kind vid links in the player. After the video you are watching is finished they appear two at a time. And unlike the ones to the sides these morph through a few screen caps.

Quick Vid Post

What would you do if a ninja droped out of tree in front of you?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pornotube it is Called Pornotube

Okay it's a buch of lame ass porn clips. Because yeah thats what is wrong with Youtube the fact that you can't upload porn movie clips. Not the flagging and the removing of booty and booby vid,s. So enter and yep it's full of crap.

And yeah veoh got rid of their problem of porn movie clips by getting rid of the adult catagory all together.

For those who don't know this. No teen schoolgirl has ever been caught home alone mastubating on webcam by a voyeur while she was dressing comming out of the shower.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Make What You Want To Out Of This

What is happening means nothing to me. I mean it's funny and all but, I know some of you can't seperate yer strokin from the people yer strokin to. And yer thinking of some pretty stupid things to say about the gurlz. But see me, I am like. Hehehe what are they doing and shit. But I'm also like, Ooo little cheekies poochin out da bottom like dat iz nice.


You gotta read the comments

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ok Now This Is Bad

Allrighty then. Ya got this person saying if you rate her boyfriend high. You'll get to see what he sees. At the same time I got an message from somebody saying it was the boyfriend who did that after getting her to give him her password. Um that don't really jive but then none of it does. Well I ain't going into it all but the message rambled a bit.

So I am going with my orginal feeling just a little fake out to get some ratings is all.

Adult Swam Sucks Man

I would like to punch the people at adult swam for advertising this.

And then that leads to me finding this one too.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Make Your Own Toys

dildo hello, originally uploaded by louise person.

Hi and welcome to diy networks build your on sex toys workshop I am your host Buff Naked.

Porn may have popularized the baseball-bat-as-diddling-device (thanks, Belladonna), but I blame the crafting craze and home improvement TV shows for turning everyone into an amateur sex toy inventor. Perhaps the best collection of non-store-bought items can be found on a site called Homemade Sex Toys ( Can't afford one of those masturbation-assisting penis sleeves like the Fleshlight? Click on instructions for creating a "fake pussy" out of a melon or several water balloons! There are also details on making a blow-up doll using trash bags and a vacuum, a jerk-off device that involves a condom and a paper towel tube, and one that requires only a plastic bag and couch cushions. Then there are similar uses for PVC piping (is this the real reason why Christopher Lowell is so obsessed with making everything from table legs to curtain rods out of PVC piping?), shampoo bottles, sponges, bars of soap, and bubble wrap. I still don't understand the benefits of the one with the sock and the latex glove, and the three barstools just seems stupid.

The Bikini Is 60 Years Old

In celebration here is a nice Youtube Vid'. Hope You like it... HERE and HERE.

Ok Ok. Here is a spring break clip and a photo of a bird in bikini to make up for that.