Monday, December 31, 2007

1.5bil To Big Business And You Get A Coupon

Screw you health care! There are poor starving corporation out there.

The converter boxes are expected to cost between $50 and $70 and will be available at most major electronics retail stores. Starting Tuesday, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration will begin accepting requests for two $40 coupons per household to be used toward the purchase of the boxes.

Viewers who have satellite or cable service will not need a box.

Um, I can't get digital channels on my cable. And nobody will have shit to say until they realize they should be making hd tvs at a cheaper price. Did you know that there is no such thing as 1080i, its really 720p?

To request a coupon, consumers can apply online at starting Tuesday. The government also has set up a 24-hour hotline to take requests, 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009).

Congress, in ordering the transition to digital broadcasting, set aside $1.5 billion for the coupon program, which will fund 33.5 million coupons and other costs.

The giveaway basically works under the honor system.

The first 22 million coupons will go to all households that request them. That includes a residence that gets cable service for one television but has a spare TV that still uses an antenna, for example.

The rest of the coupons, however, are meant only for those who do not subscribe to a pay-television service.

The Nielsen Co. estimates that 14.3 million households, or about 13 percent of the 112.8 million total television households in the nation, rely on over-the-air television broadcasts for programming.

Why go digital? So you can be better share what you are watching with programmers and advertisers. I will wait for 27" widescreen 1080p with hdtv tuner that is under 200 bucks. That I can use as a monitor and a tv with a antenna. I live within 50 miles of the broadcast towers and hd on cable and satellite is compressed and not true hd anyway.

Woman In Chimney Not A Burglar

HER Photograph
Originally uploaded by chezrump
Strangest thing ever. Somebody stuck in a chimney that wasn't trying to rob the place. And thats your 2007 wackiest story of the year. And here is the video.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Adult Swim Sucks ASS

Sweet Zombie Jesus! Why did they censor that line?

DOS Shell Operating System?

Having never bought any microsoft software for use with windows 3.x I have never seen this before. They called their DOS shell program an operating system? Check out the back of this box for BOB.

At that point they already had NT and 95 out So. Anywho to read more about BOB go to Remembering microsoft's BoB.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Google Massages

Brooke Shields
Originally uploaded by amartz n VA
Teen sex workers give free massages to googles young employees.

Smoked Over Hot Poles Viganas Get Tight

No more Kegels. Sit on a burning pole and and make things righty tighy down south.

KHARTOUM (AFP) — When the punishing Sudanese heat cools in late afternoon, Hiba Jiha strips naked, wraps herself in a blanket and sits on top of a burning hole in the ground to smoke her skin to silky perfection.

Aged 26 and getting married, Hiba will straddle the perfumed embers in the courtyard of her house for 15 minutes to an hour, every other day for a month before her wedding night in keeping with age-old Sudanese tradition.
In war-torn, miserably poor and traditional Sudan, men and women whisper that far more than smoothing the skin, the slow burning "duhan" practice tightens a woman's vagina, driving her husband wild.

Jessica Alba Is Crazy

jessica alba
Originally uploaded by Moonage
Jessica Alba was left traumatised when she visited a spa and all the other clients were naked.

First it was her sexed up promotional swimsuit photo being on the cover of playboy magazine. and it is she hangs out at a spa and gets seriously traumatized by nakedness.

Friday, December 28, 2007

What Are You doing New Years Eve???

Blow 13
Originally uploaded by Robyn Gallagher
Very Complicated Request, Please Kindly Read!!! - m4mw - 35

If you are groggy or stoned please do not read this, I need your complete and sober attention, for my request is uniquely detailed. I am a man, 35, white, black hair with brown eyes. Okay, first what I am looking for is a woman primary, but secondary it could be a woman and her man, but the man will have to remain behind the black curtain and only watch through the cut out eyeholes. The black curtain is inside the apartment that I reside in. This apartment is a fashionable studio in the hot part of town, and all my neighbors are graphic artists. So now please kindly listen to my request: what I require foremost in a woman with bushy eyebrows. And they must be TWO eyebrows, because one eyebrow is an abonination against Gaia. What I want is for the woman to become naked and pose herself before me. I have a carpeted pedestal so her feet will not grow cold. I will present her with a very well preserved Mesopotamian bowl. She will hold it and she must be careful not to drop it as it has to be back at the museum by 8am tomorrow (I am a worker there). Next I will hand her tweezers. Then she will pluck her eyebrows until her forehead is vacant. The eyebrows will drift into the bowl and then I will take the bowl from her and go to my kitchenette. I will then toss a salad into the bowl and mix the eyebrows in it. The woman can decide the dressing, but I have only vinegrette and thousand island. Next I will re-present the bowl to the woman, along with a utensil, and she will then consume the salad while I watch. I may masturbate during this part of the exercise. However, if there is a man behind the black curtain he may not masturbate, and I will know if does because I will hear him. However, he is allowed to fantasize, and then he write an essay on his fantasies before I release him. After the woman is finished with her salad, I will present her with a Qing dynasty teapot box, which she will open and deficate in. She must be careful with the box as well as it is also from the mueseum and it must be returned or there will be trouble. When she is finished she will return it to me, and I then I will bid her good-evening. That is all. Please send a photo, eyebrows only. I WILL NOT respond to any photos that include anything but eyebrows.

Please, serious inquiries ONLY. THIS IS NOT JOKE. So do not make funny replies to it. I have no patience for impertinence. Good day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 A Review

some guy put titties on his leg tattoo. And that sums up the year 2007.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hanes Underwaer Is Ruining Da Yoots

me and brandy dancing

Ron Paul

Crazy, stupid, or racist dipshit.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ABC News Car Crash

Van crashes into ABC7 studio during news broadcast

Hey lets have a street level newsroom. You'll be able to see people and they'll be able to see us while we get our news on.

They almost became a great Holiday news story.

So they say at this writing that it was deliberate. Somebody asked somebody to move their car and bam. I wish I had a DVR thingy. Just as they went to a reporter live at a place were there was a fire. A commenter at their site says "Check your video out when you switched from weather to news. the guy was backing up and obviously getting ready for the hit. Glad you are OK. Good to always have the "breaking news"". And of course as you see in the back plenty of people out despite the temps to be on cam.

Reporter Ravi Baichwal stands next to the window. The white sheets you see is broken safety glass.

Its The Royal Channel TheRoyalChannel

Now it's over. England's royal family have a YouTube channel. TheRoyalChannel. Please show self restraint and be selfish while watching it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Explicit photos of Laure Manaudou released

Who is Laure Manaudou? Put it the search box over there and find out.

Global Orgasm Day

Global Orgasm
Originally uploaded by filipebalbi
The second annual Global Orgasm Day comes around on Saturday (Dec. 22), and creators Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell want naughty boys and girls to celebrate by putting on their "O face" and getting some action.

The idea behind the worldwide climax is to use the physical power of an orgasm to send out a positive energy that will bring peace on earth.

And this year, orgasm organizers are asking participators to hold off on getting off until the exact moment of winter solstice at exactly 6:08 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time, to cause a planetary peace explosion.

Reffell realizes that timing the orgasm may be an issue for many.

"We suggest women start 20 minutes beforehand while men can wait until about two minutes beforehand," Reffell said.

He doesn't care how a person gets to orgasm, as long as they spend that point of no return "focusing on peace and positive energy for the planet."

Um, I um well... I sorta participated.

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani
Originally uploaded by 4President
Drops out of race for president due to health issues..., soon.

Assault And Battery Included

assault and battery
Originally uploaded by slangist
ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. - A woman stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife following an argument that began when she accused him of opening a Christmas present early, authorities said Friday.

Misty Johnson, 34, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic battery. Her husband, Shawn Fay Johnson, 34, was treated at a hospital for a wound to the chest, police said.
Authorities said Shawn Johnson called 911 just before 1 a.m. Wednesday to report that his wife had stabbed him. He told police that his wife started arguing with him over his opening a Christmas present, according to court records.

As the argument escalated, Misty Johnson accused her husband of having an affair

Happy Holidays.


So while looking the popular search words on the veoh player. I see nude latina so hell yeah I click on it. And see Nurse Pecker's Travelling Interactive web 2.0 Peep Show.

This here is one of them righteous head trips without the drugs. You've got to listen to what he says about Youtube.

Friday, December 21, 2007

And Your Sponsor Is...

The us army brings you this veoh search. What a fun idea. I never seen this for anything else. I keep putting what I think are popular terms but, Naruto was the only one. I put in some game titles and see what happens.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Member of The Chicago Cubs

Fuk U Do Me.

Shock And Awe

"Shock jocks" have taken over. They say any crazy ass thing just to get your attention. Thats not news. Thats not worth giving them even more control over what we see or hear. Again as the website.

Some Idiots Make Fools Of Themselves On YouTube.

12 Days Of Christmas - Election 2008 Edition

They don't have enough people to rate this higher than one star. Should have burned this one along with the other torture tapes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spears Pregnant Watch Pop Eat Itself Again

布兰妮 芭莎
Originally uploaded by Disfrane
Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, publisher cancels her mother's parenting book

Early today, we learned that Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old actress and sister of pop star Britney Spears, is three months pregnant. The news comes one day after we learned that her mother's book on parenting -- Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World -- has been put on hiatus.

OK, blame the kid and the family and get it over with. Oh, and drag her down with her fans being very impressionable. But whatever you do. Don't blame the system. HUH?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fake Firefox Story Spreads overseas

Scrabulous, Cockroaches and Photos Of Homer Simpson

I haven't heard the wii cockroaches story yet but, I bet that is a urban legendy too. The kid got detention for being a prick in class. He then made a copy of the letter sent to his parents with changes to it to make it look like he was in trouble for using Firefox.

Hear Hear

Monday, December 17, 2007

Voyeur Man Ogles Teen Girls

the voyeur
Originally uploaded by TyC
The sentencing of a Napa man convicted of videotaping several young girls undressing their homes was delayed Monday to give the prosecution the opportunity to review more information submitted by his defense attorneys.

I say to check out his stash.

Although Jeffrey Brice Ogle’s sentencing was continued to Jan. 15, several of the victims and their family members told the court about the trauma they have suffered from their encounters with Ogle.
Ogle videotaped the teens in various stages of undress, some nude, in their bedrooms or bathrooms. He trespassed onto the girls' property through a fenced yard and videotaped them through the windows without their knowledge of his presence.

Ogle, 34, was initially charged with 31 criminal offenses. Last month he pleaded guilty to four felony counts of possession of child pornography, 13 misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct, one count of prowling, two counts of eavesdropping, three counts of developing obscene matter depicting sexual conduct of a person and three counts of peeping.

Yes it is funny that, that is his name. Yes it is bad that he peeped at them. He comes from a family Oglers and couldn't help himself.

Dodd Succeeds in Delaying Wiretapping Bill

Originally uploaded by DiscoWeasel
Yeah for small victories at Christmas time.

After an eight-hour mock filibuster by presidential candidate Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pulled a controversial bill that would have given phone companies immunity from lawsuits brought by people who believed their civil rights were abrogated when, after 9/11, the companies gave the government access to their data without requiring a warrant.

Dodd and the other Democratic senators running for president opposed the immunity provision in the bill, which also extends authorization for the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program.

You know its only because of his presidential run. He'll go back to capitulating after all this election stuff is over.

Get To Your Jr Inventors Kits - Heated Vibrator

Hot dildo in wrap...
Originally uploaded by The Viking...
When this comes out you'll be slapping your head saying you could have thought of that.

It has been reported that Jordan aka Katie Price wants to get her hands on a heated Vibrator.

As we all know when it comes to sex talk Jordan loves it and also the idea of having sex toys, but reckons their coldness of them is a passion killer.

Jordan said in a recent interview that “Sex toys aren’t exactly like real life, are they? They’re as cold as anything. They should make them heated; bring out a new heated range.”

Jordan said that “I learnt never to trust a man 100 per cent, although I do trust Pete now. Every man I’d been with sold his story on me, so I just felt more protected that way.”

Does this woman really care if it's cold or warm?

Taiwan Teaches MOE To Kids

Future Moe?
Originally uploaded by megabn
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Members of various parent and cultural associations denounced yesterday the "explicit content" of a new sex education program set up for elementary school students by the Ministry of Education (MOE). They further asked the MOE to withhold from the literature two illustrations that show how parents make love and have children, before the new academic year begins in September 2008.

"The risk is that children could imitate what they see in the illustrations," said Rosa Marie Shiao, head of the department of Abstinence Education Research and Development at Fujen Catholic University. She insisted that the MOE should consult with parents before allowing the new material to be used in elementary classrooms.

Oh, it's not the MOE I was thinking of. But anyway, same old argument. If they see it they'll want to do it. I guess nobody ever thinks maybe you should about where they will be seeing it...

So Frustrating

Not only will these bubbles make it harder to just view one or videos and run. It's hard to even catch them on video capture ;)

This video needs to be one faster and have exploding sound effects.

But anyway, is this useful or just a fun toy?

Just Nice

Gotta love belly dancing.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ok Last One

They the Microsoft because the Microsoft sucks ;)

More Window Vista Fun

Oh Your Gawd!

I hear vista sucks.

YouTubes New Drug


Do not use YouTube full screen if you are "all goop up on gop". It will be to much of a trip for you trying to catch a bubble to the next video.

No really. Since so many people are copying the related videos at the end of the video you are watching thing. They switched it up and use many floating bubbles. Only when you play the video at full screen. This will make it harder than ever to just watch one and move on.

What I would like to see is a way to add them to your quick list.

Count Flapula

NEW SEX TAPE - Britney Spears & Paris Hilton w/ OSAMA?!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

More 2girls1cup Fun

Chipmunk Chick's 2girls1cup reaction

I Don't Want To Have Sex No More With People

Sex To do or not to do.

OMG! I know so many females that live on the edge of homelessness like that. There are always one argument away from being put out. They come to me to use the phone if they have to, to find them a place to stay. No I never said they couldn't stay with me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Again HUH?

Many People Enjoy Being Amputated Around Christmas


Lesbian Amputee Lovers in Panties Posing in the Wild

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How Expensive Is Too Expensive

RealDolls, the San Marcos, Calif. company that supplied the doll for “Lars,” has dominated the silicone doll market since launching in 1996. In the last few years, however, the company has had to fend off attacks from start ups that simultaneously try to discredit RealDolls and establish supremacy in the sex doll market.

One competitor, My Party Doll, of Lakewood, Calif., began production (and, according to observers, the trash talking) two years ago.

Jim Arthur, owner and manufacturer of My Party Doll, claims that Real Dolls uses inferior products in its silicone love dolls.

"They really have some huge problems,” he said. “You can see a lot of pictures on the web of dolls falling apart, and the material eventually deteriorates. The tin silicone is a cheaper brand of silicone that is usually used to make rubber bands and inexpensive materials."

He claims that, after a couple of years, the material falls apart in the same way a rubber band would “after years stuck in the back corner of your desk."

Arthur says he only uses platinum silicone, a higher quality and more expensive material. Despite using costlier materials, My Party Doll dolls retail for $1600 less than Real Dolls dolls.

You wanna know more? The head over to the Doll Forum and get all answer.

Daisy Keeler - Porn Star

Daisy Keeler - Porn Star
Originally uploaded by Dean Blackoak
YouPorn stiffs the pros

No people are sick of sick entering everything. Not every woman wants to be slapped around, gaged, and called a slut. I myself have for years now enjoyed randy exhibitionists.

And soon it all be actual homemade.

Vivid Video, one of the largest adult entertainment companies, yesterday filed suit against the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, accusing the company of allowing users to post Vivid's copyrighted materials on its PornoTube website.

The suit, which requests an immediate injunction against AEBN and at least $4.5m in damages, echoes a landmark, $1bn claim that Viacom, owner of the MTV and Nickelodeon cable networks, filed this year against Google and its YouTube internet video site.

I myself cannot stand it when non thinking jackasses post porno clips on non porno sites. And on PornoTube how do you tell the ads from the people using clips as spam???

YouTube updated their flagging system. Lots of choices. They need to do the searches that brought their content being on there to their attention and flag away. YouPorn by the way has some nice amateur stuff.

Naked Simpson

"Jessica Simpson is ready to go fully nude for a new movie that she believes will launch her into the Hollywood A-list."

Yes but can she act good enough to make you wanna keep watching a film she is in just to see her nude?

Two Hawt Chicks Are Waiting for You Right Now

Two Chicks
Originally uploaded by Jimbola
Man makes his way naked into wrong house

A man enticed by a text message promising an experience with two women ended up naked in someone else's house.

A 17-year-old woman has been offered diversion for misusing a phone when she appeared in Palmerston North District Court, The Manawatu Standard reports.

She sent a text to the 31-year-old man offering him the friendly company of two women and suggesting that he get his gear off to save time.

The man panted to the house, took off his clothes and threw them through the window before making his grand entrance.

But it was the wrong house and the householder was not impressed.

Police were called and the man arrested for being unlawfully on a property.

He was also later offered diversion.


I'm sure diversion is like saying you are ordered to have something better to do. And the law will be the ones supplying it. This is one urban legend that I don't want to see a reenactment of.

Hit or Miss Still Better Than Lonelygirl15

Re: JipsiK (Producing101) = Penguin Fucker

Better Than lonelygirl15 This.

This little Pengie went wee...wee...wee...

What Brand of Hair Dye Does He Use?

Normally when we dye our hair it don't look right. We don't have black hair it is a really dark auburn. I wonder why he is dying his hair anyway?!?

Asian Chotchky

asian chotchky
Originally uploaded by Phillip C Kim
eBay to improve user experience. By getting rid of those lame ass stores? And going back to people being able to sell their old goods, without having some store selling the same items in bulk?

No they just updated their website and are maybe kinda gonna go after those people with the nutty shipping charges. I say kinda because all they are doing is. Letting you rate the sellers shipping charges so people can then chose whether or not to do business with them.


Originally uploaded by code_martial
W00t named "word of the year" by Merriam-Webster. This picture is from 2005...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

maggie may

Oh yeah I forgot to blog this. This is great stuff. Got to clear out all the bootay video'ers and find my musician subs.

Monday, December 10, 2007

crazy cool cosco adventure *sigh*

Can we get some parental supervision please? They got three other vids to go with this one.

Speed read long articles even on your monitor [win32]

If you back off on the speed thing, you can get through a lot of really good blogs this way.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Politics The Musical

It is called Obama On The Run

Online Videos by

That was very amusing. They must be progressives...

Time Cocks episode 2

Drugs are bad mkay.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chocolate Hottie Shaking That Ass!

Posted because I like the powdered blue undies. When will booty video teens and women vids be banned on YouTube? There are like trying be all lets host some presidential debates and crap. I should have submitted a question on what the candidates think of all hott booty shaking videos....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Intellivision® TV Commercial: BurgerTime

No I never did drugs. I just like to sit in front of the TV and think about life and stuff while playing this over and over again.

ID Sen Larry Craig Is Being Setup

They willing to say that they knew about him for a long time now. But only just now want him out.

When IL-SEN Obama ran for senate here. A Republican group took out the republican candidate because they didn't want him in over their choice. And before he had even conceded, they were looking for a replacement.

Craig's list of accusers is getting longer.

what would be gained by men popping up now saying they had sex with this man now? There will a downside for the Republicans Idaho responsible for this.

"I was like, 'Get away from me, dude,'' Ruth told ABC News.

Ruth said that Craig "gave me a smile.

"He didn't touch me or anything like that. I don't think he tapped his foot or anything like that,'' he said, giggling

This report is from ABC and remember that BushCo. has been writing a few news stories for them.

Mike Jones, 50, told ABC News that Craig paid $200 for mutual oral sex with the then-Denver-based escort/massage therapist. He said Craig stands out in his memory.

"He's one of the few of my clients that did not totally take off all of his clothes,'' Jones said. He said Craig removed his coat and dress shirt but left his slacks, T-shirt and shoes on before climbing onto a massage table and requesting that Jones be naked. Jones said the pair engaged in mutual oral sex and masturbation.

Hey thats how I do it too, so what. But I don't pay $200 for it. More like $20 and its with a chick. And there ain't massaging.

"Hypocrisy, that's the ultimate word,'' Jones said. "If it weren't for that, you would have never heard my story."

Exactly! On the part of the Republicans who want Larry Craig out right now. No pun intended.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


drum solo practise - A test

Best 2girl1cup Reaction Video Ever

One of Dom Deluise's kids give what has to be the best reaction video to the 2girl1cup thing.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Re: Easily turn a Wiimote into a mouse.

And the cat goes into the basket?

Easily turn a Wiimote into a mouse.

Hook Line And Sinker

I hear you can buy some swamp land I have for sale with your ipod. More of these shameful videos can be found at Household Hacker. Hooking these poor little fishes like how I want to...