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This is so funny and cute.

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I Don't Get It

Beyonce and Eva longoria to play lesbians in a movie of the book Tipping The Velvet. Nope nope nope.

Time Was

When Perkalat'n was about a bouncy chest.

Uploaded by hrd2ban

Good to see somebody was cap'n them youtube vids.

I Don't Get It

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This Should Be Funny

Ok there is a sort of youtube cammunity..., maybe.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Profile Poachers

Wow man it seems that there are some people out there on the internets what takes peoples pictures from of social networking sites and use them for the own gain I myself don't believe it one bit.

But these people at this news organization came up with this story.

November 13, 2006 - You may soon think twice before uploading all of your photographs on a social networking or dating website. That's because a profile poacher is a few clicks away from becoming you.

Over 120 million people are on MySpace and millions more are on other similar websites. but You may not realize that it's incredibly easy to swipe any picture from any site. Anyone can use your own pictures to damage your reputation. Or, for all you know, you could be talking online to a "profile poacher"

It seems like everybody is uploading their lives. Picture after picture, posted on dozens of social networking and dating websites. Ryan Walker discovered that posting too many pictures made him a target.

"And sure enough, I opened it up, and there was all of my pictures on some other profile and all of this other person's interest and hobbies," said Walker.

He says someone else was using his pictures and pretending to be him on MySpace. He says he found out after a stranger thought his name was "Justin."

"I was introduced to this girl at a bar, and we were talking, and she's like, 'Wait, is your name Ryan or Justin?' And I was like, What are you talking about?" Walker said.

And with more pictures of everyone online, a faker can end up fooling you, too.

"There is no possible way to know if it's John Doe or James Jones. You take everyone for their word online. Hopefully, you're meeting the right person," said Kari Lewis.

Computer technician Peter Antkowiak showed us a website that polices the most popular pictures that people have stolen called

"These days you can post as many pictures as you want on these websites. So it makes it easier for someone to download them all and make it seem like it is really you," said Peter Antkowiak, Geeks on Call.

Most of the Chicago area high school students ABC7 talked to say they don't worry much about people taking their on line pictures, but Precious Blackwell says a friend's bad experience keeps her cautious.

"Somebody got it and she ended up on this porno site," said Precious Blackwell, student, Curie Metropolitan High.

If that ever happened to her?

"I would probably faint," Blackwell said.

faintingurl15 I think I have some of her pictures.

Well Then

I better not download this then.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is It Just Me Or Is YouTube Suckin

So like I can't get to the home page when I was able too it took forever and most of the thumbnails wouldn't load.

Pretty good line at the end of this about the Britney sex tape.

Is It Just Me Or Is YouTube Suckin

So like I can't get to the home page when I was able too it took forever and most of the thumbnails wouldn't load.

Pretty good line at the end of this about the Britney sex tape.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Real Cam A Yahoo Cam Girl

Out of a sea of lame porno advertisements comes a real post. At pornotube HERE.


Now that is class baby. The nose scratch.

Look at the face Olbermann was making just as the piece ran. He knew what the old koot had done that's why "picked" it.

Hmm Umm, Yea but..

A strange idea indeed sir.

Republican Sex Scandals Joke

I don't remember how it goes but ended with something something Dick Cheney and then Jack Abramoff...

Did anybody hear it?

New Search Britney Spears Sex Tape

Britney Spears from the side look alike giving head.Word is she does have a sex tape, who don't...

And since she was on the cover of that magazine I been finding her a little attractive. But man, in the 19 seconds of that clip you can tell she got skills. Which makes ya wonder how could she have great fellatio skills and somebody like a say a Paris Hilton just suck at it? So is this really her. Maybe someday we will get to see a Britney Dustin aka Screech sex tape eh.

But really who don't have a sex tape or something. Don't any of these celeb's know about video conferencing sites? I would like to see her on paltalk working with a rabbit. Hell if they are going to keep releasing by accident or theft making air quotes dere. Then why not? Later they can make a VCD or DVD and sell it.

The little clip was easy to find but the full version will be as impossible to find as trying to find the two drunk college students caught on mobile video phone camera having sex in their dorm room, amongst a sea of porno spam.

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Rachael Ray Nippie

These people hate her but I like her nips. Click HERE.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Somebody Saved Them

On the Dailymotion there somebody kept the YouTube booty shakin vids. Well some of them.

Country Music In Space

No really, ain't that the Star Trek Logo in there.

Adult YouTube

Soon they will have an adults section. Unfortunately they will go the way of PornoTube and just be a place for all the porn spam. Instead of being a nice place to put your dirty videos so I can jerk off to them.