Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fiefox And Java Enable Errors

It has something to do with popup blocker. You have to allow popups or even if you have java enable. You will get error messages saying you to enable it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's An Old Joke

Big Bite
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So this homeless guy says, " I haven't had a bite in three days". So this guy sticks his penis in his mouth so he bit it.

A Taiwan man had to seek medical treatment after his genitals were bitten while forcing a homeless man to perform oral sex, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

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Two men On A Horse

Khajuraho - Horse lovers
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POLICE are investigating a farm which allegedly promoted itself as a destination for sex with farm animals.

58-year-old James Tait - who was convicted in 2005 of trespassing on a neighbour’s ranch to allegedly have sex with horses - has been caught with his pants down, accused of bestiality on another US farm.
"They've been having sex with full-grown horses," Maury County Detective Terry Chandler.

At least they didn't have sex with kids... Get it goats kids huh funny, no?

Checking Their E-mail

A380 flight computer
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Wayward pilots say they were busy using laptops

Twittering things about the flight attendants. Playing Dark Orbit MMO as VRU. Downloading mp3s. Or or...

Not sleeping, the pilots say. They were engrossed in a complicated new crew-scheduling program on their laptop computers as their plane flew past its Minneapolis landing by 150 miles — a cockpit violation of airline policy that could cost them their licenses.

Playing crew scheduling simulator? The game sounds a bit dull.

Why Not Chicken

Burst of Color
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They want 8 bucks for a tin of something they curiously don't show.

Linger: Internal Feminine Flavoring

A small, naturally sweetened flavoring, free of artificial dyes, which
was created to flavor the secretions of a woman when she is sexually
aroused. Linger is shaped for comfort during insertion and use,
and is formulated to dissolve slowly, so the effects last and last…

So it's a sugar pill shaped like a suppository? Um anyway, you must read the Our Story page.

We started getting physical. When it came to foreplay, he was so giving, so attentive. I was willing, but also shy and self conscious. All I could think of was “what if he goes down on me? How do I taste? I want him to enjoy it too!”

Makes me think of a mentos commercial. But what if you combine this with the pills that are supposed to make a dudes stuff taste like apples.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Imagine Yourself In A Balloon

A big foil saucer shaped helium filled experimental weather balloon. And your just drifting away.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do You Remember Where You Were Take 2

Do you remember that time a boys balloon ran away from home?

Do You Remember Where You Were

When everybody thought there was a kid trapped in a balloon and was anxiously awaiting news.

Dattebayo Makes Some Changes

They are now going to call Shinigami soul reapers .

No they are just gonna give the English translations for some of the way names of actions and techniques.

But are going continue subbing the show about learning your elements.