Monday, June 30, 2008

With John McCain's Experience

He will be able to lead the country in being shot down and being POWs.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

Steve Jobs Is Dying

Apple sales are going to go through the roof. But that stock will soon plunge. Shame that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just So Ya Know

The new ymail and rocketmail domain names for email means. More spam bots.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Sun Has Set On George Carlin May 1937 - June 2008

But we still have Dane Cook and Carlos Mancia..., Crying. A brief time line of his life HERE.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Dumb Smear On Obama

Sounds like a jilted bride but that has not stopped just about everybody from saying Obama has flipped flopped.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

17 Teens Pact Shocks Mass

School officials discovered the pregnancy pact after some girls seemed disappointed that their pregnancy tests from the school nurse came back negative.

"They will have a baby as part of their life to give them status," Farmer says. "motherhood gives them status."

Status in Gloucester is hard to come by. The once thriving fishing community has seen jobs drift overseas. Economic depression has left many teens trying to fill the void.

What happened to just going out and committing a crime? Or wearing goofy clothes?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking News

"What Went Wrong With The Thong"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Dumb Enough

On Countdown they said they are going to still sell it. The website says, "We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slow Going For Me

Ah internets fun.

and from dslreports.

The problem is everybody, the sites I visit and stuff, has to wait a long time for my computer to respond.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Campaign Suspened

She can't end it because of financial reasons. But I love the applause that arguing with your friends and neighbors got.

And did it seem like to you that she was saying she lost because she is a woman?

Weekend Concession Speech

Ok, if it is a concession speech. I will be very surprised. Can she or will she diffuse her wound up base?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

McCain's Caddy Shack

What it's really all about? McCain on the green '08.

I sure hope Obama is a better golfer than he is a bowler. seems the main stream media has been given an answer to why the green back drop. And why he was so startled by the crowds applause.

Ha Ha Blu-Ray

It seems that most people don't even know what blu-ray is. See I was right about them putting the bad awful canadian dubbed version of Anime titles on to blu-ray being just a waste.

Will they ever learn that people would rather have the original version with a descent subtitle? No. And they will never seek to hire any fansubbers to help them out. They will just hanging around watching to see what becomes popular. then make a bad god awful canadian english dub.

Verizon Alltel

Um, do we verizon customers get my circle? And get to hang out at the wizard's house? No really that my circle thing is kinda cool.

Verizon Wireless to buy Alltel in $28.1 bln deal

"This is a way of getting growth from a market that's becoming fully saturated and beginning to slow down," said analyst Joseph Bonner at Argus Research.

"They get the bragging rights," he said, referring to Verizon overtaking AT&T as the largest player in the U.S. mobile services market.
Verizon Wireless and Alltel have an overlap of about 15 percent of their network coverage, according to Seidenberg. But he said that did not necessarily correspond exactly to the amount of divestitures regulators would require. He said he expected any divestiture requirements to be "manageable."

And in other news 1,000s are facing layoffs.

Late Night Top Ten June 5th

You know the drill. Read 'em in reverse click on 'em to view them larger.

At Best Buy

Buy a GPS get a free Indian guide.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hilary Says

She needs time to let it sink in that she lost many months ago. When and if that does, she say on Fri. June 6, 2008.

Is the way she is not really acknowledging his win in this way enough or will she do more to undercut his nomination?

Beans Around The world

A can beans that gets out more than I do.

What started out as a simple joke has developed into an international quest
for world peace, love, tourism, and the promotion of high-protein vegetable food groups

Oh Yeah

A while back I made a snarky comment about MSN Search offering money back on things you bought, that you used it to find.

I said did that. Well they used to do that. It seems iwon has given it all up for the games. Lots and lots of games. Free to pay 'cause you'll be seeing a lot of advertising. And there doesn't seem to be that many people there anymore.

For you kids ( get off my lawn )! This site goes back to the dot com boom days. they used to advertise on TV that would have a big winner drawing at the end the year. Never seen that happen myself. But the games were a really good time waster. And they still are. The wacky, rock, alien, and wild west slots. And Save the Sea Tetris are my favorites. Might win something more than more coins to play with someday, Ha. I am sennin_carl Look me up. No if it was spam scheme I would want your email address. 100 coins per.

Hilary Lost!

Isn't it great how everybody is so damned racist that they think Obama should think about what damage the Clinton's race baiting did as more of a life lesson if you will. Now they are suggesting Hilary should be rewarded for it.

I can see putting her the cabinet to shut her the hell up. But talking about someone who did what she did in kind words is what is wrong with Democrats. That's Obama's call. Instead of putting a nice face on it for her. They should be reminding her why she needs to go hide in a cabinet.

And I say again. The point was that the republicans have so screwed up this country. Beyond all talking points. That whoever got in there will oversea us through a golden time. All the next Democratic president has to do is just not be evil as Bush and company. And it will be like living in heaven in America. People keep talking about 2012, peh. The next time 'round will be 2016. And you know the republicans are going to continue to destroy themselves. And so will the Clinton's if people don't stop and think before they speak about the primary race with such niceties.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some Creepy Old Guy Wants To Be Your President

That's not change we can believe in So vote for the creepy old guy whose people have ties to just about everybody who has caused this country harm.
You have to go watch the clip if they have one someplace. He makes the smile with his mouth only. Then he tries to make the rest of his face follow. But it just looks so creepy and fake. And his line of "that's not change we can believe in" being awkwardly repeated over and over

Never Say Never, Hilary Is Here To Stay

She is never going away. BTW she was in a basement. No TVs and no cell phone reception.


This only got a small smattering of applause.

DragonBall Z Movies Dead Zone - World's Strongest UNCUT Blu-Ray

What its on blu-ray too? Oh joy another chance to hook a few suckers who think that when these dip shits say uncut. They mean they are finally going to put on a disc the original version of some anime with maybe this time a descent subtitle. When hat they really mean is they are going put their shitty hacked up version out with, some of, the blood and the one or two dammit or shits left in. That they "had to" cut for TV. Because you can't say, crap, shoot, awe shucks, darn it, dang, zounds, genkies, gad zooks, e.t.c... on TV.

Why do they go to the trouble of putting out this on blu-ray? Who has a blu-ray player? How much did this cost them?

Editorial Review from Amazon:

The Dead Zone (Ora no Gohan wo Kaese!! "Return My Gohan!!" 1989) and The World's Strongest (Kono yo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu: "This World's Strongest Guy," 1990) were the first two Dragon Ball Z features; eleven more would follow over the next several years. In both features, unsavory characters try to use the power of the Dragon Balls to obtain revenge and rule the Earth. After Shenglong grants him eternal life, Garlic, Jr., seeks to destroy Kami and avenge his father in The Dead Zone. When it becomes apparent he can't withstand the combined power of Kami and the Z-Fighters, Garlic creates a "Dead Zone," a sort of black hole that threatens to engulf everyone and everything. Gohan defeats him, turning the gift of eternal life into a terrible curse. Goku wisely decides not to tell Chichi about Gohan's newly discovered powers. In The World's Strongest, the Z-fighters are pitted against a resurrected mad scientist (rendered variously as Dr. Willow, Wheelo, or Uilo) and his hench-creatures. Goku asks the Earth's inhabitants to lend him the energy needed to destroy the evil genius. Both films feel like TV specials: Dead Zone is only 40 minutes long, World's Strongest, an hour. The viewer can choose English dialogue with US or Japanese music in stereo or the original Japanese tracks in mono. (Rated TV PG: violence, brief nudity, minor toilet humor) --Charles Solomon

Apparently they didn't Dolby way back in the late 80's and early 90's. But good thing they offer that hot mix of computer games keliopy that constantly played in the background the god awful canadian English dub in stereo.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hilary And Puerto Rico

Um, I should have said it earlier. They don't black there. Puerto Rico, Cuba and South American countries where Africans ended up there too. They don't much love.

I know it seems strange because if your white or just American you all like ain't they all brown. But there you go.

A Whole Lot Of Work

A bit of work was done here to connect the DWV to the sewer system last month.
Then Sunday 01, June 2008 this hole appears.
I was way to lazy to walk over and take a picture of the hole. So far it is not very big. Looks like 2' x or something. Cascade failure has been on my mind alot lately. I can see this adding up to a lot of street work.