Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jellyfish - The Ghost at Number One (Live on Later...)

More vamping from the partridge family, er, I mean Jellyfish. You need to hear this from the album.

Tanpopo - Otome Pasta ni Kandou

Sweet 70's vamp!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Micheal Steele As Misunderstood As Rush Limbaugh Use To Be

back in the day when rush would come out of his studio to appear on the Phil Donahue show. He would always say when confronted with the things he had been saying that he was just misunderstood.

later on he tried his hand the late night spot that either Letterman or Ferguson now holds. He was just as much a stammering mess when faced with an angry audience.

She Didn't Love His Nutz

Vince the shamwow guy punches a hooker after she bit his tongue. All I wanted say is she didn't like his. Go search to find out more.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nuff Said

where is the Bush dildo?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Game Over

We are on the tenth week of the Obama presidency. There seems to be no change happening. let's all join the MSM and the republicans and just say enough is enough and try to get things back to the way they still are, K.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tricia Walsh Smith, nothing but arm candy and a trophy wife

I would like to see a Trophy Wife Union too.


Are you sick of hearing the word populism yet?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Get Started In DarkOrbit

To play DarkOrbit go to this Link. Stay with the Phoenix, Read the forums.

familiarize yourself with the controls. In the main browser and the pop up star system window/play area. Move around clicking on the space around your ship move.

Move around for a bit doing nothing but looking at stuff. You wont be attacked here unless enemy companies invade your home space. Pay attention to the graduated bar on the mini map. A yellow line will indicate the presence of enemies. The more of them longer it gets and the color changes. If it turns dark orange, run to a corner and hide.

Make a note of where you see red and blue rocks. And any spinning boxes. These are bonus boxes click on these boxes to receive extra credits, and laser shots, and Uridium, and energy to run the galaxy gate.

Stay in your home star system x-1

Do not buy anything. Later you will need 500 of your 2000 Uridum to buy a cloaking device. Don't buy this right away. It's not something that you can turn on and off, you buy it and you are cloaked. Once you start attacking someone it is gone for good.

Do the resource quests for prometium ( red rocks) and endurium( blue rocks ) you can do the 20 - 60 maybe even the 80 rocks quests easily in x-1. Lots more Prometium in x-2 but there are lordakians there who will shoot your little ship. Lots of Endurirm and Terbium ( yellow rocks ) in x-4 save going there for later.

The rocks and bonus boxes recycle so keep flying in between where you saw them and there will be more when you get back. But remember you are not the only one interested in them.

Despite being a quest you don't have to hand over the resources you gather. And do not sell the raw materials, go to the lab and refine the rocks.

Buy the 10,000 credits repair bot I. You will get blown up enough. Don't let your hit points get too low. Runaway when you can and repair. Go to the hangar to buy the bot from the extras and then equipment to ad it to your ship.

Then go after the streuners Quests. Click on one with the mouse and a red doted line appears around it with green and blue bars on top.

This shows you have it targeted and its hit points and shield levels.

Tap the Ctrl key to fire your lasers and the space bar to fire rockets. Rockets fire slowly and not automatically like lasers. Hold down the space bar until the enemy is destroyed

Now go buy the cloak and take on the rest of the resource quests. head for the white circle on your map and jump through to the portal. Click either the big sign up top or the squiggle thing that pops up from control area or tap the J key.

The cloak allows you to fly around and not have the NPC(non player characters/aliens) detect you. You still show up to other gamers as blue or red dot on the mini map. Red if your with an enemy company. Remember don't go hunting blue dots.

Try to strike a balance with what you have in your cargo hold. Go to the lab and refine Pormetium, Endurium, and Terbium into. Prometid and Duranium. Then click update and add these to your weapons and engine for improved performance. Doing this will clear out your cargo hold and you can then collect more raw materials.

Do all the resource quests except the 300 prometium in 10 minutes. Log off come back tomorrow and start on the Lordakians and then Saimonites quests.

Oh, notice how your are about level 6 or 7 and a Captain. To really get some where you are going to have to team up slash join a clan.

Having more than one person taking on a big target makes short work of it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VRU East Server Clan ANBU On Darkorbit

As an Enlisted member of the ANBU, the amount of credits you earn is limited, but the experience you gain is extensive and world-class. Many PLT-2121s make short work of a Devolariums and Sibelon, teamwork and problem solving abilities of working together helps you rise in rank faster.

Watching each others back while going after NPCs is one of the best ways to make sure you, along with your clan, prosper.

Our clan is one of the best agencies for the proper development of new space pilots because of its combination of loyalty to our company and our members. We spend our time building on our strengths as well gathering bonus boxes.

The broadening effects of space travel and the association of like mined pilots from all over the globe are additional benefits from service in ANBU.

Thousands of space pilots in VRU owe their present success to the training they received in ANBU , where their ability to lead and get results was discovered and developed

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) Agrees with Rush, Wants Obama to Fail

lied to us, spied on us, increased the deficit and removed necessary regulations that helped corporations bring us and the world to the brink of ruin.

Please, lets here some more from them and their drugged up radio shock jock leader.


I have fallen behind in my finances and don't have any money to get the Japanese learning software. Is there anybody is subbing the whole anime and the extras? For some reason the ones doing are cutting off the end.

Watch Akikan! Episode 8 [RAW] | View More Free Videos Online at

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I don't Know What

But there is something about this that makes me think it is not legit. Remember click on the image to see it larger.