Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lets Not Let This Die

Somebody Googlebombed the word failure and the biography of george bush comess to the top. This was sometime last year but it's still number one. At google Search LINK. Number three at Yahoo Search LINK. 5 or 8 at MSN Live Search LINK.


Female ejaculation is a crok. Back in the 1990s I read an article about a guy after giving his lover head noticed she had something that looked like thick ejaculant down there and he was puzzled where could have come from.

Over the years of cu-seeme and other video camera people watching sites. I have seen a lot of women masturbating and can tell you none of them ever squirted. What have seen is vaginal fluid whipped up into a froth. Sometimes so thick it was like a cream. Most times someone using a vibrator would hold it on their clit and as the juices flowed out it would look like something male ejaculant.

Shiofuki has become a household word in Japan largely through the efforts of one man -- Taka Kato, the 44-year-old adult movie actor who has made a name for himself by making so many of his on-screen female companions ejaculate. Female ejaculation became a common theme when Kato, variety performer Kuniko Yamada and I appeared together as co-hosts of LaLa TV's "Perfect H."
While working on "Perfect H," Taka Kato and I once had a torrid exchange about shiofuki, or female ejaculation. The self-professed shiofuki expert said that the female ejaculate was urine. But, we had a discussion about the ejaculate, with Kato saying that because it didn't have the ammonia smell that builds up after a long time spent in the bladder it could only possibly be fresh urine. What weakened Kato's argument, however, was that the vast majority of actresses upon whom he had performed shiofuki had been to the toilet shortly beforehand.

Funny, my pee don't stink of ammonia until its been out of my body for a while. Maybe they need to keep some of this stuff in jar for a bit and see if it turns from light yellow to amber.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fun YouTube Search

Jello. Try it you'll like it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Stretching It A Bit

I don't see how a bit about the TV lost had anything to do with an actual plane crash that happened recently. Looked funny should have watch the emmies this time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006

And Sometimes Stuff Just Slipps By

I have seen harmless booty shaking videos get flaged seconds after posting.

Girls Are Strange

How do you do that do more than one thing at a time like that?!?

Deep Throat

Back in the 70s and 80s porn films had wacky storylines to them. Deep Throat was goofy story about a woman whose sex organs was down her throat. I find it pointless and silly that nowadays women will suck on a dildo or a penis while moaning and groaning like they have sex organs down their throat.

And then there is this kinda stuff:

So you don't feel leftout

Friday, August 25, 2006

Good For America

The paris hilton youtube chanel profile whatever

Most of What I Said Bullshit To Be Funny

But hey, look at youtube and veoh now baby, the end is nie and shit now. Big old add on the youtube home page, a paris hillton channel on there too. And veoh plays ad vids made to look like "civilian" content mixed in with actual again "civilian" videos. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

The dotcom boom of the 90s made people millionaires overnight on speculative potential. Now you have to show you can make money first. So far youtube is just bleeding money they say. So the crowd of money people they are looking to only are interested in the people who like the shit that's on TV now. The shit I avoid by hanging on the internets. Well the internets are still neutral just got to find another place to hang.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Can't Wait For This movie to Come Out On Video

So there is this movie about some republicans taking a ride on a plane to play golf or something. Man I can't wait to get this from netflix. When ever my free rental month comes hahahahaha... infinity.

Did anybody else notice the snakes on blog guy kinda hisses a bit.

Choclate Falcon

New for easter yummy chocolate shaped liked a falcon HERE.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Okay Here We Go

Start getting ready to say goodbye to YouTube.

NEW YORK (AFP) - US recording label Warner Music said it was in talks with the phenomenally popular Internet site YouTube to post its artists' song videos online

"I can confirm that we are having discussions with YouTube," Warner Music spokeswoman Amanda Collins said, declining to give any further details.

The Wall Street Journal said that major labels Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music were all exploring "possible arrangements with YouTube".

Britain's EMI is discussing "a variety of different business models" about distributing its music content via the site, the newspaper quoted a spokesman for the London-based company as saying.

California-based YouTube's popularity has exploded in recent months. It now boasts more than 100 million daily views of the home-made videos and archived material that comprise its contents.

But with copyright issues looming large over much of the content, the music industry is grappling with how to protect its material on the Internet, the Wall Street Journal noted.

It will soon just be all advertisements made to look like homemade videos. The same old lame ass music videos and movie trailers.

People it is about time you discovered Usenet or maybe irc because the fun is so over now. And still want to see people shakin they asses. The popularity brings big business. Who in their minds are merley inserting themselves into a well viewed site. But you know it will have to go the big business way in order for them to feel they can make any money from investors.

Different business models could include a pay-per-download system like Apple Computer's iTunes, or a subscription-based service, it said. YouTube is free to use and relies on advertising, but is not believed to be making a profit yet.

And I understand and all I mean their bandwidth usage is like in the terabyte range. Be quick to jump on the stock when it goes public. Then runaway when they start removing user videos. Especially any that rip big business.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Male or Female

My powers are low right now. Look at this vid and the others posted and let me know what you think.

Pro Bootie

Saturday, August 12, 2006

This Is The Man

By the time I got into webcams that is actual webpages with cam caps shown on them. It was like at the end of the innocence. Fake news stories about girls and their wishlists and the dotcom bust. Combined to clear out a lot of webcams. So many I had in my list for Webcam Watcher are gone now but this dude is still here.

Back in the day I would turn that on. Be out for a days work. Come home and see what "WcW" harvested for me. You could always count on some good Cara and Seth action. A bit of sex, some casual nudity. Sorry to see he and her broke up and all. Now it's rare to see any nude female on there. If you is a gal or dude who likes 'em lean. You should check out his page cam. It is mostly him pulling on it after a good chat. He a pay side don't know if its worth paying to see the gallery though.

Webcam Watcher.

Is It really Wasting Time?

This is the most important thing you can do with your computer. Playing a flight sim' that lets you fly over Google maps. The game is called Goggles and I wont go into what it is you get do in this simple yet okay flash game because. I don't the department of no land security claiming I was giving out training tips.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Boredom Leeds To Such Bad Things

Lip syncing to We Are The World.

Video link HERE.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

That's Not What It's About

Bodies have existed for quite some time now. Having a nice looking body and looking for complements on your dancing skills. Don't mean you should make comments on the body no matter how beautiful the body is.

I know, I know. If you can't think of anything else to say you just fall back to lame pick-up lines. But think about it. You're on the interwebs.

And trust me on this please. You don't call up the 800 number on a how's my driving sign to talk about how hard the driver makes up.

YouTube Link HERE.

Friday, August 04, 2006

So Many Things

Q:With so many interesting things to look at why do you keep finding booty videos?
A: What?

Well it looks like the flesh filter failed. Oh but look they changed the video series subscription page..., finally. No more long..., screen load times while all of them loaded on one page! Wow I did even notice how many I had so I don't know at what number it was but. After a bit that page would crash my browser under win98. After that I would just click the subscribe button then click backspace when the page started loading.

But YouTube probably clean up all this booty rockin' everywhere struff anyway. I mean, the ethnocentric corporate ideal will always be rather vanilla.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Goodbye Booty.

YouTube and NBC are going to be come one. So in a effort to clean up they will be taking away all the booty booty shaking videos. Apparently there will maintenance done August 4, '06 at 9pm pdt. A flesh detecting filter will be added to YouTube that tweaked so as to only dectect fast moving jigglely flesh. Else it would just about filter out everything 'cept cartoons.

I am going to miss the booties and YouTube. I don't think the YouTube people know why the site is so popular. People don't go there to watch tv clips they go there for the user created stuff. Clips from the tv are their so things don't fall into the memory hole. Will have all that good faux news proganda foever and ever to use against them and BushCo. at the war crimes trails.

But money is gawd so lets pretend real hard that this wont turn into another busted dotcom as NBC uses it as a place preview their fall line up. And put up for sale to view all the stuff that people are off of tv and spending more time on the internets tubes because of.

Vagina monologue The Movie

A new movie is out which is really a metaphor for defensive mechanisms of the female reproductive organ. The movie The Descent is about a group of Spelunkers who enter a cave at the wrong time of the month and end up in a fight for their lives as they are attacked by little creatures in the cave who mistake them for creatures looking to come takeover the cave by reaching the center.

There are other things in the cave in fact of the cave itself that work against them and the other little white creatures.

And see that just how it is inside a woman's reproductive spot. I am not brave enough to make up something about the blood part.

A Little Bit o Music

Break from the booty booty vids for a little musical number.

What's with these folk that think if ya gonna play the rocks and rolls ya gotta do da drugs. LSD leads to hippyism just say no.


Continuing the break from booty vids.

This Is Bad

Shameful she is not wearing a damm hat.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Rotsnake, originally uploaded by lividecay.

Just stop and stare at this for a while.

This Is Not A Hoochie Mama

Photo By dreamerz82 on flickr.

And niether is THIS thing. Was watching the hunting channel and saw a comercial for this Elk call. Ya squeezes it and it goes "hey baby, don't you need a gurl friend so you can stop running around looking for pus..phluppgghhhh!"

Oh and if that was a hoocihe mama she would be wearing something like this, in the winter, too a wedding. Or just to the corner store.

sequin a go-go, originally uploaded by Quincunx.