Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reasons, I Have A Few

What men and women told sex researchers in a new study

When researchers at the University of Texas asked more than 2,000 men and women why they had sex, they received plenty of interesting answers. Here are the 237 reasons they put into their published study:

The person's physical appearance turned me on.

The person had a desirable body.

I wanted the pure pleasure.

I wanted to achieve an orgasm.

I wanted the adventure/excitement.

The person had an attractive face.

I was "horny."

It's fun.

The person was too "hot" (sexy) to resist.

It feels good.

I was sexually aroused and wanted the release.

The person was too physically attractive to resist.

I wanted to improve my sexual skills.

It's exciting, adventurous.

I wanted to experiment with new experiences.

I saw the person naked and could not resist.

I wanted the experience.

The opportunity presented itself.

I wanted to try out new sexual techniques or positions.

I wanted to experience the physical pleasure.

I was curious about what the person was like in bed.

I had not had sex in a long time.

I was turned on by the sexual conversation.

The person smelled nice.

The person had beautiful eyes.

The person was really desired by others.

The person really desired me.

My hormones were out of control.

The person wore revealing clothes.

I am a sex addict.

I wanted to get the most out of life.

I thought it would relax me.

I'm addicted to sex.

I was curious about my sexual abilities.

I hadn't had sex for a while.

The person was a good kisser.

I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with another person.

The person caressed me.

The person made me feel sexy.

I wanted to release tension.

The person was a good dancer.

The person was "available."

I was curious about sex.

I wanted to release anxiety/stress.

It would allow me to "get sex out of my system" so that I could focus on other things.

I was attracted to the person.

The person seemed self-confident.

I was frustrated and needed relief.

I wanted to feel masculine.

I wanted to act out a fantasy.

I wanted to satisfy a compulsion.

I knew the person was usually "out of my league."

The person had a great sense of humor.

It just happened.

I wanted to see whether sex with a different partner would feel different or better.

I was "in the heat of the moment."

I wanted to please my partner.

I was easier to "go all the way" than to stop.

I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

I could brag to other people about my sexual experience.

I wanted to see if I could get the other person into bed.

I was drunk.

I wanted to increase the number of sex partners I had experienced.

I got "carried away."

I wanted to relieve "blue balls."

The person was mysterious.

An erotic movie had me turned on.

I wanted to celebrate something.

I thought it would make me feel healthy.

It seemed like good exercise.

It became a habit.

I wanted to make a conquest.

I wanted to see what it would be like to have sex while stoned (e.g. oon marijuana or some other drug).

I was bored.

I wanted to lose my inhibitions.

The person flattered me.

I was under the influence of drugs.

I wanted to have something to tell my friends.

I was tired of being a virgin.

I wanted to get rid of aggression.

I wanted to dominate the other person.

I was seduced.

I wanted to get a raise.

I wanted to get a job.

I wanted to get a promotion.

It was an initiation rite to a club or organization.

I wanted to give someone a sexually transmitted disease (e.g., herpes, AIDS).

I wanted to punish myself.

Someone offered me money to do it.

I wanted to gain access to that person's friend.

I wanted to break up a rival's relationship by having sex with his/her partner.

I wanted to hurt an enemy.

I wanted to get rid of a headache.

I wanted to even the score with a cheating partner.

I wanted to get a favor from someone.

I wanted to breakup another's relationship.

Because of a bet.

The person offered to give me drugs for doing it.

My regular partner is boring, so I had sex with someone else.

I wanted to hurt/humiliate the person.

I wanted to breakup my relationship

I wanted to be popular.

I felt jealous.

The person had alot of money.

I wanted to make money.

I wanted to get a special favor from someone.

I thought it would boost my social status.

It was a favor to someone.

I was mad at my partner, so I had sex with someone else.

The person had too much to drink and I was about to take advantage of them.

It would damage my reputation if I said "no."

I wanted to be used or degraded.

I wanted to get out of doing something.

I wanted to relieve me menstrual cramps.

I wanted to enhance my reputation.

I wanted to impress friends.

I wanted to change the topic of conversation.

It would get me gifts.

The person was famous and I wanted to be able to say I had sex with him/her.

I wanted to feel closer to God.

I wanted to get even with someone (i.e. revenge).

Someone had told me that this person was good in bed.

I was afraid to say "no" due to the possibility of physical harm.

I wanted to make someone else jealous.

I wanted to end the relationship.

Someone dared me.

The person had bought me jewelry.

My friends pressured me into it.

I wanted to get back at my partner for having cheated on me.

I wanted to make someone else jealous.

I was competing with someone to "get the person."

I wanted to brag to my friends about my conquests.

I wanted to have more sex than my friends.

I wanted to keep warm.

I thought it would help me to fall asleep.

I wanted to become more focused on work -- sexual thoughts are distracting.

I wanted to have a child.

I was slumming.

The person had taken me out for an expensive dinner.

I wanted to burn calories.

I wanted to reproduce.

I wanted to test my compatibility with a new partner.

I wanted to avoid hurting someone else's feelings.

I was on the "rebound" from another relationship.

I wanted to defy my parents.

It's considered "taboo" by society.

I needed another "notch on my belt."

I wanted to reaffirm my sexual orientation.

I wanted to return a favor.

I wanted to gain acceptance from my friends.

Everyone else was having sex.

I was married and you're supposed to.

I realized I was in love.

I wanted to increase my emotional bond by having sex.

I wanted to show my affection to the person.

I wanted to communicate at a deeper level

I wanted to express my love for the person.

I wanted to become one with another person.

I wanted to feel connected to the person.

I wanted to say "I've missed you."

I wanted to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or special occaison.

I wanted to intensify my relationship.

It was a romantic setting.

I wanted to welcome someone home.

I wanted to say "I'm sorry."

I wanted to put the passion back into my relationship.

I wanted to say "goodbye."

I wanted to say "Thank you."

I wanted to lift my partner's spirits.

It was a special occaison.

I wanted to get a partner to express love.

It seemed like the natural next step.

The person was intelligent.

I desired emotional closeness (i.e. intimacy).

I wanted to help my partner forget about his/her problems.

I wanted to keep my partner satisfied.

I wanted the person to feel good about himself/herself.

I wanted to make up after a fight.

I wanted a "spiritual" experience.

I felt insecure.

I felt like it was my duty.

I felt obligated to.

I didn't know how to say "no."

I didn't want to disappoint the person.

I didn't want to "lose" the person.

I was pressured into doing it.

I wanted the person to love me.

I was verbally coerced into doing it.

I wanted to boost my self-esteem.

I wanted my partner to notice me.

Iw anted to be nice.

I wanted to feel attractive.

I wanted to keep my partner happy.

It was expected of me.

I felt guilty.

I was afraid my partner would have an affair if I didn't have sex with him/her.

I wanted to feel loved.

I wanted to get my partner to stay with me.

My partner kept insisting.

I wanted to raise my self-esteem.

I wanted to decrease my partner's desire to have sex with someone else.

It was the only way my partner would spend time with me.

I thought it would help "trap" a new partner.

I was physically forced to.

I wanted to "possess" the person.

I wanted to keep my partner from straying.

The person demanded that I have sex with him/her.

I wanted to make my partner feel powerful.

I felt sorry for the person.

I was trying to "get over" and earlier person/relationship.

I felt rebellious.

It just seemed like the think to do.

I wanted to stop my partner's nagging.

I wanted to submit to my partner.

I wanted to ensure the relationship was "committed."

I wanted to make the person feel batter about himself/herself.

I wanted to feel older.

I wanted to prevent a breakup.

I wanted to display submission.

I wanted to manipulate him/her into doing something for me.

I wanted the attention.

It was part of the relationship "routine."

I had no self-control.

I wanted to "gain control" of the person.

I wanted to feel feminine.

I wanted to forget about my problems.

I wanted to feel young.

I wanted to fulfill a previous promise to my partner.

My friends were having sex and I wanted to fit in.

After reading these you will are now want to have sex right? Lets make that reason number 238.

No This Is Not PhotoShoped

And no it is not Bush in the role of Lucky Pierre either. Lieberman is just helping him find his car keys is all.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tom Snyder May 1936 - July 2007

newscenter-tom snyder
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All I have to say is I remeber my teen years spent watching his show late at night.

It was on the Tomorrow show that I learned that the cream filling in those snack cakes was made with beef fat and lard. And what the heck was up with Mark Hamil? Read More HERE, Please

Friday, July 27, 2007

Why Do You YouTube?

YouTube preps video fingerprinting

NEW YORK - Google Inc.'s YouTube hopes recognition technology will be in place in September to stop the posting of copyrighted videos on the popular Web site, a lawyer Friday told a judge presiding over copyright lawsuits.

The lawyer, Philip S. Beck, told U.S. District Judge Louis L. Stanton in Manhattan that YouTube was working "very intensely and cooperating" with major content providers on a video recognition technology as sophisticated as fingerprint technology the FBI uses.
Beck said the video recognition technology will allow those holding copyrights on videos to provide a digital fingerprint so that if anyone tries to share a copyrighted video, the system will shut it down within a minute or so.
Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., a lawyer for Viacom International Inc., said it will take the next year to identify the extent of infringement that continues to happen on "a very massive scale."

"Perhaps the filtering mechanism will help. If so, we'll be very grateful for that," he said.

Viacom sought $1 billion in damages for what it said was the unauthorized viewing of its programming from MTV, Comedy Central and other networks, such as "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." In their lawsuit, the soccer league and indie music publisher sought unspecified damages and any profits YouTube made as a result of the sharing of copyrighted videos.

YouTube said in response to the lawsuits that it goes beyond what is required under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which gives Web hosts protection from copyright lawsuits so long as they comply with requests to remove unauthorized material.

Yeah I don't know about you. The reason I go to the YouTubes is to corporate media crap that somebody has posted.

He said the company planned to have the technology in place in the fall, "hopefully in September."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Buck Tick - Mayfly


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Netflix's stock, Web site both go down

SAN FRANCISCO - Netflix Inc.'s stock price plunged to its lowest point in more than two years Tuesday after the online DVD rental leader reported the first quarterly customer losses in its history and dimmed its earnings outlook for the rest of the year.

To make matters worse, Netflix's Web site — the hub of its rental system — went down Monday evening and remained inaccessible as of Tuesday afternoon (EDT). Spokesman Steve Swasey attributed the outage to an unanticipated problem that he declined to describe. Engineers hoped to fix the trouble by 2 p.m. EDT.

Netflix had been in the process of updating its computers to reflect price reductions that took effect Tuesday.

I didn't get my piece of the settlement so screw 'em.

Lick My iPhone

Lick My iPhone
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Apple shares fall on iPhone numbers

AT&T — the iPhone's exclusive carrier — said it activated 146,000 iPhones on June 29 and 30, a number that disappointed investors following some analyst forecasts that Apple would sell 500,000 or more iPhones in its first weekend.
CIBC said it expects Apple and AT&T to boost their marketing push for the iPhone and the companies could introduce a new model in November — earlier than expected — that operates on a faster network. The two models now available cost $499 and $599.

Are you fuckin kidding me?!? Not only are these stupid shits surprised they didn't sell more of the damn things. But they had planed to release new models before the POS even got cold.

Shit, the Samsung SCH-a990 is like 130 bucks now and when my current contract is up next year it will probably be going for a two, or three fer one deal.

When Dogs Attack

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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NYC runs on steam?!?

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Cool Joke - Undo

Yura Yura by Hearts Grow

Nami Kaze Satellite by Snorkel

Seishun Kyosokyoku by Sambomaster

Kanashimi wo Yasashisani by Little by Little

It is Only A Matter Of Time

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Stickam Is For Porn?

Turns out Stickam is owned and operated by a somebody who runs cam girls who play for pay sites.

Accuser Says Web Site for Teenagers Has X-Rated Link

On its Web site and in press reports, Stickam says that it is owned by Advanced Video Communications, or AVC, a three-year-old Los Angeles company that sells video conferencing and e-commerce services to businesses in Japan and other Asian countries.

But according to Alex Becker, a former vice president at Stickam, and internal company documents, Advanced Video Communications is managed and owned by Wataru Takahashi, a Japanese businessman who also owns and operates DTI Services, a vast network of Web sites offering live sex shows over Web cameras. Mr. Becker alleges that Stickam shares office space, employees and computer systems with the pornographic Web sites.

The sites, with names like DxLive, EXshot and JgirlParadise, use the same video technology as Stickam to link paying users with performers in one-on-one video chat sessions.

Mr. Becker recently left Stickam after four months there and said he was speaking out because the company was not doing enough to protect young users of its service. Mr. Becker also alleges that he witnessed Stickam employees deleting thousands of e-mail messages sent to the company’s addresses set up for customer service and abuse complaints, without reading or responding to them.

Mr. Becker criticized what he said was the practice of sharing employees among Stickam and the pornographic sites.

The workers at Mr. Takahashi’s companies “only know how to conduct an adult Web site,” Mr. Becker said. “They don’t get it that there are predators on the Internet.”

But the predators are the kids with a handful fulltime child stalkers thrown in.

Though Stickam remains relatively small compared to Web giants like MySpace and YouTube, several thousand of its mostly teenage members log onto the site each night to broadcast their own lives, often from their bedrooms. They put on makeshift talk shows, flirt with other members in video chat rooms, and often, if they are female, field repeated requests to take off their clothes.

And it is all kid on kid. You want to find these little juvee pedos search the tags; pedobear, /b/, barracks, brothers, partyvan, and chan. It's not a request to take off their clothes it's random spouted set of demands. TOGTFO along with shoe on head. I think some predator tried to show them how to work a girl at onetime but it all just turned into a okay now lets try this and this, without even caring if this person is that type person. And when that doesn't work frustration and even more randomness ensues. Harassment is a better word.

Anyone can tune into a user’s video feed, unless the user restricts it to friends only. Members must be 14 or older to sign up, but the site does not attempt to verify ages.

Stickam is not a site for teenagers. The internet was designed with kids in mind and it shouldn't be. The problem with Stickam is now it came up with a block on anyone over 18yrs entering a room created by someone under 18yrs unless your their friend.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

For What Its Worth

This is about as much fun you can have with a 600 buck phone that doesn't even cover the basic functions the lesser expensive do.

Now you can change the battery.