Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Americans Are All Talk No Action

Americans are confused about sex. Many of the first colonists were Puritans, and a strong puritanical streak still runs through our culture.

Although our sitcoms and soap operas rely on sex to keep viewers watching, many of us consider this type of entertainment a guilty pleasure.

Despite our seeming obsession with sex on television, in movies and on the Web, Americans are actually more watchers than doers. We're a voyeuristic society that seems content to observe others acting sexy.

According to some global sex surveys, Americans lag behind people in France, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Great Britain and even Kazakhstan in having sex.

Part of the problem might be that Americans work too hard. A survey for the National Sleep Foundation found that nearly one-fourth of the couples surveyed were often too tired to engage in sexual activity.

No we are just lame. Women who wear clothes that come off of a rack, if it shows a little skin. They will be called hoes. If ladies shake their bootays in youtube videos they will be called hoes.

But yet porn gets sold in the billions. It's a sick sort of denial. It is almost as though the 60's to early 90's never happened. It's mostly fake knee jerk reaction based on some how a belief that people will some how think badly of them. So they loudly decry any thing that might be arousing.

Those who expected Viagra to increase libido were soon disappointed. While this medication is considered effective for helping a man achieve an erection, that achievement is possible only in the presence of sexual desire. Medical science is still looking for ways to increase libido.

Too many medicines do the opposite — dampen desire. Many Prozac-like antidepressants interfere with arousal or function. Birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy and even some blood pressure medications can reduce interest in making love.

So there is no love potion you still have to want it. Now I am depressed...

Dang It!

I hat it when they jump on things before i see it. M. Jackson was the first caller.

You tell it is not the real G. S. because he said his name too quickly.


Monday, February 26, 2007


What am I looking at?

America's stagy est home videos. No I will search for videos that are made to look like oops vids.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Girls Gone 18 U.S.C. §2257

Girls Gone Wild Volleyball
Originally uploaded by tywardinger.
Ok, I can see how it could happen that you would not keep good records taping stuff to put one of these videos together. And remember they had trouble with people not being the age they said or didn't even get asked they were.

Try and follow it.

Prior to the act, the record-keeping requirements applied only to visual depictions of four specific types of "actual sexually explicit conduct": sexual intercourse, bestiality, masturbation, or sadistic or masochistic abuse. Under the DOJ's implementing regulations, producers of material containing such scenes must collect and retain the legal name and date of birth of each performer in the scene, and keep a copy of a government-issued identification card for each such performer, a list of all names ever used by each such performer, and a copy of the video or other matter in which the performer appears. These records must be kept separate from all other records and they must be organized so that they are easily retrievable by the name of each performer and the title of each video or other work. In addition, the records must be available for inspection by the attorney general or his agent.

Against this backdrop, the act expanded the record-keeping requirements in two important ways. First, the act added a fifth type of actual sexually explicit conduct covered by § 2257: "lascivious exhibition of the genitals and pubic area." Second, the Act added new record-keeping requirements for "simulated" sexually explicit conduct, codified separately at 18 U.S.C. §2257A. On their face, both changes could sweep a significant amount of mainstream entertainment into the ambit of the burdensome record-keeping requirements.

Among other things, the addition of "lascivious exhibition of the genitals and pubic area" injects a highly ambiguous term into a criminal record-keeping statute. That term is generally applied in cases involving child pornography, and involves a highly fact-specific -- and necessarily subjective -- inquiry. The result is a test for "lascivious exhibition" that is difficult if not impossible to apply with any reasonable degree of certainty -- especially in the context of images of adults. For example, courts have held that, although nudity alone is not sufficient to make an image of a child lascivious, nudity also is not necessary, and have found lascivious exhibition to exist even when the pubic area is clothed. The test becomes even more ambiguous when applied to sexual images involving adults. If this case law is imported directly to the record-keeping context, a broad range of sexual scenes in mainstream entertainment could conceivably trigger record-keeping obligations.

The term "simulated sexually explicit conduct," which is not defined in the statute, is also highly ambiguous. It is not clear, for example, whether "simulated sexually explicit conduct" would include a scene in a mainstream film in which characters are supposed to be having sex but are only shown in bed from the waist up. Such a broad interpretation could cover a wide range of popular content, and subjecting such material to the record-keeping requirements -- with their corresponding criminal penalties -- would place significant burdens on a large amount of valuable and protected expression, thereby raising serious constitutional concerns.


In response to some of these concerns, Congress included in the act a safe harbor provision under which companies that create material containing images that might arguably qualify as "lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area" or "simulated sexual conduct" will be exempt from the record-keeping requirements. In order to qualify for the safe harbor, the company's material must be intended for commercial distribution and the company must certify to the attorney general that it regularly and in the normal course of business collects and maintains certain identifying information about its performers "pursuant to Federal and State tax, labor, and other laws, labor agreements, or otherwise pursuant to industry standards." 18 U.S.C. §2257A(h)(1). Companies qualifying for the safe harbor are exempt from the record-keeping and labeling requirements and the corresponding criminal penalties.

I think this is all designed to make you just give up..., DUH! Don't do it. Don't simulate it. Don't even think about it.


Plaid Skirt
Originally uploaded by Chris Lopez.
In my mid-twenties I looked at teen girls still too. I don't think it was about this though.

What your boyfriend is getting off on is the taboo. The underage fantasy is incredibly common. What's sexy about it? Let's see: the uneven power dynamic, the kinky schoolgirl clothes, the hearkening back to a time when sex was all crazy new and you'd stay up past your bedtime just to catch a three-second glimpse of a tit in a late-night movie. Those are just off the top of my head, but I'm sure you readers can come up with more.

Besides teen porn ain't got no teens in it. And over exploitation has killed that taboo a long time ago.

Love Hotel

Love Hotel "Suika"
Originally uploaded by Datsun Z.
Man how I want to live in Japan. Or just bring some of that over here.

Tokunaga says that the ideal place for exceptional love hotel slow sex will be of relatively recent construction, be roomy with a large bed and not be filled with gaudy decorations or accessories that make the room like part of an amusement park.

I want to ride somebody at the love hotel. Will there be discounts if you bring a soda can? If you live outside the U.S. Six Flags amusement park every year since I was kid offers price off tickets to the park that way...

Well anyway they got these love hotels over there and what the article is about is doing it in slow motion. Versus a wham bam thank you mam. In a joint made out like an amusement park. What ya don't like the jungle theme Tarzan? But I want to go to a love hotel DAMMIT. With my um... Do I have a steady partner?

Having Sex Takes Down Another One -- Sad

I don't watch americanidol never will. Even if they groomed for the after make it sexy muzac videos during the "competition".

Sad that people can't just admit they are interested in sex. They always have to make what they think is a convincing big deal about how wrong it all is. And then bring up the children, oh your god will somebody please think about the children. That you are shoving all this not for kids stuff in the faces of.

It’s sad, isn’t it, that your best friends are the ones that come forward with information that will go to Smoking Gun or put your photographs on the Web?

Note what this idiot wrote.

They were right for kicking out Frenchie in the past but should have a long time ago kicked out Antonella.

What the fuck! Maybe granma needs to watch a few muszac videos one of these days. Having sex and pictures of it ain't the same as secretly being a serial killer or member of a terror group or something.

How Do You

Play burned games? I will have to look this up. I am a very clumsy person and would most likely miss my originals up.

Maybe one day things like that will be thought of when DRMing everything to heck. Most likely it wont so got to keep feeling all durty getting help from the darkside, sigh.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Labiaplasty evokes strong emotional responses, both pro and con, far more often than more common procedures like rhinoplasty. There is considerable controversy surrounding such surgeries for many patients, notably around women who worry that their labia are abnormal. Although countless plastic surgery websites can be found that indicate this procedure may be appropriate for women experiencing discomfort during physical activities, sexual intimacy, or even from irritation caused from close-fitting garments, some suggest that this procedure is chosen by women wishing to change the appearance of their vulvas.

Head Scratchin



Eryns Toxic

Her ode to Britney

Dancing To...

Kevin Federline's "song". YIKES!

More Poles

Oopsy But this time no alcohol.

Just Dancrs

My How Um Crunk Or Something

Lorem Ipsum and go

Don't Do Drugs

And get on cam.

This One Was Flagged

Do you feel a little saved by that action? The girls stolen video used for this fake profile weren't. Maybe someday there will be spammer flag...

More Pole Dancing

Yep They Is Everyplace Now

FRESNO, Calif. - A new export is taking hold in a tiny industrial park in east Fresno, Calif.: stripper poles.

Pacific International Marketing & Promotions (yes, PIMP) manufactures the Lil' Mynx stainless steel dance pole. Designed for the average living room, the poles are easily installed and can be removed in seconds in case the Avon lady stops by.

The idea was the brainchild of an unemployed channel surfer.

The couple who started the company have watched sales surpass $2 million, added employees and hobnobbed with celebrities.

Yet, the ride hasn't always been easy. Business was slow to take off and the company is based in a conservative valley where sex doesn't always sell.

Because it ain't about sex. You know you want to do it. But you don't want to feel like you are still playing on the jungle gym on the playground. Put a little sex in it and wee you get to have your fun.

And that was add sex, not alcohol! Or it wee ouch.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Miss Spessart 2006

Video from the choice to measure Spessart 2006. Can I get a German translator please.

Oh Yeah Flag This

Or the terrorist win.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Man Woman And The Vagina

Originally uploaded by Kukas.
I believe its all the same but I could be wrong a little. Our sex organs start out the same.

There are three key stages of sexual response for both men and women. Desire is first, followed by arousal; these two steps can be interchangeable. Men have a longer plateau during arousal, while a woman quickly reaches orgasm after her plateau. Climax occurs in the third stage: resolution.

Men generally take a shorter time to become aroused and have a longer stage before reaching orgasm. However, it can take women 15–30 minutes before reaching arousal. Women also take longer to wind down after climaxing and can remain aroused after orgasm, allowing for multiple orgasms.

Okay my stages. Look for something online to get aroused by. Get aroused but keep looking for more. Hold it hold it, check one more website out or one more video. Ok, allright, wait, dang that bums me out. Start over and skip over things with that in the title or stay that chat cam room from now on. Wait what time is it? Just try to hurry up and climax ah, um, no nevermind.

Did You See The Bit On The Plane Wing

When that Branson guy had that Pam Anderson and was flipping her up and showing her under bits? Anyway, ain't there like a fine line between selling sex and selling using sexy images?

When he hands her the check, she whips out a digital camera to snap a picture. "Voila!" he declares, "The money shot."

Advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky spent $1 million on the faux porn film-inspired ad - one in a series of tv spots released on LodgeNet Entertainment Corp.'s Adult Desires pay-per-view service along with real porn films. In other commercials, characters with names like "Mile High," "Big Ben," and "Summer Turbulence" promote the airline's new luxury suite with double entendres such as "your first time" on board and "several inches more" leg room.

Marketers, in search of new ways to strike the nerves of their audiences, are having fun imitating pornographers. In the Virgin Atlantic case, the imitation is a cheeky parody that comes from a company owned by a notoriously ribald Brit, Richard Branson, so maybe it's not so shocking.

Yet the ad is only one example of a marketer following the lead of the adult entertainment industry in choosing media distribution channels, technology, and aesthetic content.

Putting aside judgment as to whether the content is socially healthy (or even what constitutes pornography in the first place), pornographers have been on the cutting edge of the way that people consume media. According to University of Chicago sociologist Edward Laumann's 1994 "Sex in America" survey, 23 percent of men and 11 percent of women watch x-rated movies or videos; 22 percent of men and four percent of women have visited a club with nude or seminude dancers; and 16 percent of men and four percent of women look at sexually explicit books or magazines.

Estimates on the size of the adult industry range from $8 billion to $11 billion a year, with sales and rentals of porn videos raking in some $4 billion of that, according to Adult Video News, an industry trade publication.

One day we will have faux porn TV shows with real porn commercials in between

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Even google Ads Hates Rachael Ray

But not as much as the community of folks. But it was nice of them offer colon cleansing and gas relief for any consuming any of her meals. I personally don't hate the little screeching retch or her piles of slop she calls cooking.

It is however the overall state of how to TV that I am pissed with. What happened to learning how to do new things? And finding out about whats going on in the world outside you own.

From supposed master carpenters who don't use a spit coat before staining. To hard cheesing overly enthusiastic hosts who can't seem to shut-up with the filler comments, whoa, am I going to make, alright good job, blah blah. It's not like this is a visual medium or anything. And if you are not being descriptive of the happenings then you're not doing anyone without sight any favor as well.

Anyway it has mostly become a platform for advertisers of the canned processed redi made sameness.

Ok This Is Just Silly

Why Japanese guys don't give head -- here's the 'science'!

"It's not like it's the most visually appealing area, is it?" one refusenik tells Weekly Playboy.

When it comes to explaining why they dislike oral sex, it's plain to see from another man that neither cat nor pussy have got his tongue.

"All the hair gets caught between your teeth," the 27-year-old illustrator tells Weekly Playboy. "And I don't do anything down there with my fingers, either, because they end up smelling."

Weekly Playboy says that young men who refuse to orally pleasure women can be divided into the traumatized (who are frightened by the sight of female genitalia), the neglectful (who aren't even aware of the practice of cunnilingus), and the rawboned -- who simply dislike anything uncooked, including sashimi.

Teeth are not involved unless they like you nibbling down there. Slice an orange in half through the middle so you end up with the spiral pattern. Now without using your teeth remove the segments. Your call on whether you get th juice too or let dribble down your chin.

And also don't they have seminars for people who are scared of pussy?!?

Sexualised Images And Girls

Yes no and maybe. I depends on how you look at it. The problem is when the girl is not in control. Cheerleader are sexy. Girls want to be cheerleaders because they see other girls being sexy? No!

A task force from the American Psychological Association analysed the content and effects of television, music videos, music lyrics, magazines, films, video games and the Internet on young girls, reported the online edition of BBC News.

The experts scrutinised recent advertising campaigns and merchandising of products aimed at girls and found that sexualisation has negative effects on them, including in their cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, and healthy sexual development.

Sexualisation was defined as occurring when a person's value comes only from her or his sexual appeal or behaviour, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is portrayed purely as a sex object.

Sexualisation can lead to a lack of confidence with their bodies as well as depression and eating disorders. Such images also have a negative effect on healthy sexual development in girls, said Eileen Zurbriggen, chair of the group and associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The task force called on parents, school officials and health professionals to be alert to the potential impact on girls and young women. It also advised that pupils be taught media literacy skills and be exposed to information on the negative effects of images portraying girls as sex objects in sex education programmes.

Can't be a sex object until you are into sex. The message in modern advertising is eat sleep drink sex, did i catch your eye?. Instead of giving this stuff substance. How about a message of this is not your sex. This just people trying to sell crap to you.

Gentlemen Don't Kiss And Blog

If after we have sex, which would be the best you ever had, would you write about it in your blog.

Thousands of people around the world have started personal internet journals, or blogs, which expose details of their sex lives that would make Bridget Jones blush.

While explicit diaries are nothing new, technology allows stories of sex with strangers, workmates or old flames to be shared with the rest of the world in seconds.
Their rise has sparked a legal, ethical and moral debate that pits free speech against the right to privacy of those who, perhaps unwittingly, feature in these blogs.

American blogger Jessica Cutler faced legal action in the United States after being exposed as the author of a blog detailing her steamy liaisons with six men while working as a junior aide to a senator.
The freedom to use a blog to express any opinion is a mixed blessing, according to psychologist Dr Petra Boynton.

"You don't quite know if someone you meet is going to be blogging about it," she says. "There are no guidelines or books that tell you the right way to do it."

Writers must balance the need to protect people's identities while keeping the blogs real, Lee says.

I need to start me a sex blog. It would be mostly about where I was online and who I was jerking to. And fantastic thing they were doing. And when I write about my person to person exploits I don't identify them out of my shame. So I am ok there...

And if somebody I was having it off with was to write or talk about it. Well if it was bad I would not acknowledge it and run around trying to find someone to do it with right so I would get a more glowing report. But if it was good I would just be a little coy, while dropping a lot of hints.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ok So People Are Starting Talk About It

I was I lived in a clean house so I could go back on cam.

Hi, My Name Is James And I am Screwed

Oh, baby
Originally uploaded by Andrea See.
A man who was fired by IBM for visiting an adult chat room at work is suing the company for $5 million, claiming he is an Internet addict who deserves treatment and sympathy rather than dismissal.

James Pacenza, 58, of Montgomery, says he visits chat rooms to treat traumatic stress incurred in 1969 when he saw his best friend killed during an Army patrol in Vietnam.

In papers filed in federal court in White Plains, Pacenza said the stress caused him to become "a sex addict, and with the development of the Internet, an Internet addict." He claimed protection under the American with Disabilities Act.

His lawyer, Michael Diederich, says Pacenza never visited pornographic sites at work, violated no written IBM rule and did not surf the Internet any more or any differently than other employees. He also says age discrimination contributed to IBM's actions. Pacenza, 55 at the time, had been with the company for 19 years and says he could have retired in a year.
If it goes to trial, the case could affect how employers regulate Internet use that is not work-related, or how Internet overuse is categorized medically. Stanford University issued a nationwide study last year that found that up to 14 percent of computer users reported neglecting work, school, families, food and sleep to use the Internet.

The study's director, Dr. Elias Aboujaoude, said then that he was most concerned about the numbers of people who hid their nonessential Internet use or used the Internet to escape a negative mood, much in the same way that alcoholics might.

I am board so I now surf.

Until he was fired, Pacenza was making $65,000 a year operating a machine at a plant in East Fishkill that makes computer chips.

Several times during the day, machine operators are idle for five to 10 minutes as the tool measures the thickness of silicon wafers.

So thats why the cell processors was so bad eh.

Diederich says Pacenza had returned that day from visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington and logged onto a site called ChatAvenue and then to an adult chat room.

Pacenza, who has a wife and two children, said using the Internet at work was encouraged by IBM and served as "a form of self-medication" for post-traumatic stress disorder. He said he tried to stay away from chat rooms at work, but that day, "I felt I needed the interactive engagement of chat talk to divert my attention from my thoughts of Vietnam and death."

"I was tempting myself to perhaps become involved in some titillating conversation," he said in court papers.

Pacenza said he was called away before he got involved in any online conversation. But he apparently did not log off, and when another worker went to Pacenza's station, he saw some chat entries, including a vulgar reference to a sexual act.

He reported his discovery to his boss, who fired Pacenza the next day.

What a rat fink! Oooo read this part;

Pacenza says he would have understood if IBM had disciplined him for taking an unauthorized break, but firing him was too extreme.

He argues that other workers with worse offenses were disciplined less severely — including a couple who had sex on a desk and were transferred.

Fred McNeese, a spokesman for Armonk-based IBM, would not comment.

They just wanted him gone. Thats just bullshit thought police shit right there if you are going to let people keep their jobs after screwing on company time and desks. And I now change it to, so thats the reason the cell processors were so screwed eh.

I Blame These Assholes

ho tube
Originally uploaded by dorsia.
This site tubehos. They post links to youtube girls dancing videos. Good idea stupid stupid name and I believe the reason youtube is coming down booty videos.

Nothing like a bunch of insecure males to bring down a good thing. I mean What The Fuck? If they was nice we would get more booty and slipped in sexiness but, instead we angry men who can't look without making some stupid vulgar comments.

Do they think they are somehow better souls for having gotten off to these videos and now shed their guilty feelings through abuse? Or are they just abusive little punks who need to be separated from the rest of society?

Youtube should knock off the nannying and worry about telling people how expunge stupid comments. And they should come up with a way to flag empty profile accounts of people who are just there to be assholes.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Drunk College Coeds Having At It

Hannah Q. and Charlie T.??? I am just going to say this them on mobile capture and leave it at that. Look HERE if of age.

I looked and looked then gave up and then ran across this. So remember always to try then give up be fore you fail. And you will be rewarded with good enough.

And Speaking Of Leaving 'em With A Mouthfull

don't walk
Originally uploaded by sp00kus.
Upping the quantity of semen that is ejaculated seems to be a near-universal male concern -- and there are a number of reasons underlying this. For many men, it is a matter of confidence; a bigger load is associated with increased libido, fertility and sexual prowess. After all, there's a reason why porn directors call it "the money shot."

Yet this desire stems from more than simple vanity. Increased volume translates into increased potency (the more sperm, the better the chance of impregnation) and increased pleasure (the larger the load, the greater number of pleasurable muscle contractions).
Frequency of sexual activity also contributes to volume -- although only to a certain degree. If you abstain for a day or two, you'll certainly produce more sperm than you would ejaculating every few hours. But any longer than this one- to two-day timeframe, and you won't see much of make a difference, as semen reservoirs will have stopped building up a supply.

Ok I think I said this before. I got delayed once when I was with two people who were taking turns giving me head. And Well after a long time of up down, me penis not the head giving. Well a lot came out.

Well anyway they also say in this article you should work your pubococcygeus muscle too. That's the got to pee but got to hold in now muscle. And I am going to try some of the tips for making it taste better. That would make a great series for my pornotube account.

Fuck Buddies An Idea That Cums To A New Gen'

Originally uploaded by jtari.
Growing numbers of young Japanese are starting to adopt the attitude of "what's a bonk between buddies" and shagging away with no strings attached, according to Spa! (2/20).
Goto arrived in Tokyo from rustic Wakayama last year. She found herself invited out to matchmaking parties where she would be plied with booze then dragged off to a nearby love hotel for a quick and nasty session. Now, in her second year at college, she's found a steady group of five friends, who serve her in a number of different ways.

"We have sex, but we're not going to become lovers.

Slowly this world is becoming like... me ;) Who doesn't do it like this?

Goto continues: "I want to meet lots of great guys, have lots of great sex and build up lots of experience so I become a great woman."

Somebody needs to pitch a greeting card line idea to Hallmark. The shag buddies a group of colorful character to let your shag mate know. Even though you went there you still care. Example, After you honked my knob sorry I left you with a mouth full of... Oh wait I guess I have to work on it still eh.

It Took Them A While But Now...

YouTube is defiantly starting to attack the booty videos All of them are being delayed. Some have posted others, I still get that message.

Ok what was in the others if this got through? hehehe

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Leave It All Behind

Information about Gas-X

What this drug is used for Gas-X relieves the bloating, pressure, and fullness that result from gas. The active ingredient is simethicone. The drug acts on the surface of bubbles by reducing the surface tension and thereby disrupting or breaking the bubble. Simethicone is used for excess gas in the intestinal tract. When these frothy bubbles are in the stomach or lower bowel, this medication helps the air be more readily expelled by belching or passing flatus. The drug does not prevent the formation of gas from swallowed air or from being created by intestinal bacteria. It does not make intestinal gases dissolve or disappear.

Some people may mistakenly think that simethicone prevents formation of flatus or rectal gas. It does not do this. The drug simply makes big bubbles out of many small ones.

Pete le feu
Uploaded by taz60

World Share Your Shows

One of these days I will start a petition asking for pay TV to more responsive to the people who are paying for it.

Anthony Bourdain On The "Food Network"

WOW, I am so glad to hear this. I thought it was just me. But this stuff is true of all the things the whoever it is that runs the I like to say Discovery Channels. A&E, HGTV, DIY, e.t.c... If you look at the credits of the shows you will see they produced by the same joint.

Man how to TV used to be learn how to do something new or needed. Soon all shows will be like that Sandra Lee show.

I actually WATCH Food Network now and again, more often than not drawn in by the progressive horrors on screen. I find myself riveted by its awfulness, like watching a multi-car accident in slow motion. Mesmerized at the ascent of the Ready-Made bobblehead personalities, and the not-so-subtle shunting aside of the Old School chefs, I find myself de-constructing the not-terrible shows, imagining behind the scenes struggles and frustrations, and obsessing unhealthily on the Truly Awful ones. Screaming out loud at Sandra Lee in disbelief as she massacres another dish, then sits grinning, her face stretched into a terrifying rictus of faux cheer for the final triumphant presentation. I mourn for Mario..and Alton...Bobby and yes--even Emeril, nobly holding the fort while the TV empire he helped build crumbles like undercooked Bundt cake into a goo of Cheez Wiz around him.

Dead Pan Humor

But he's right. And YouTube should be all just booty and teaser videos. And that video is from Jan 23 and yep still got some fight videos up. But mixed in with sports and movie fights.

Ok But..

If I apply the Ask A Ninja DVD directly to my brain, will it kill me?

I am Going To Start A Cleaning Service

I will offer discount rate maid services for Youtubers so next time the get on cam their rooms be spotless. And you can then concentrate on what they are doing in the video instead of looking at all their junk.

Oh and some minor carpentry work would be included.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Do You Like The Boobies?

Dolls you would want to let anyone see you play with.

Terrorist, Drug Killing Each, Fight Vids

But no nudity please. Help keep YouTube clean by ratting on things that you find offensive. But lets keep the violence.

YouTube has moved to protect kiddies from "potentially offensive" footage of a UK sawbones performing breast and testicular examinations, The Sun reports.

Why Is This Picture A Fake?

Because the Ashley picture below is real. Woo hoo paparazzi can make ya look bad when they want to can't they? Not that I want to see them naked or anything. But wouldn't it be wild if they hung out the exotic erotic ball? Exotic ball pictures HERE.

But Jodi Sweetin on the other hand wouldn't be bad thing. Oh for the days of low budget horror flicks. Oh wait they still make those. What up her? I heard she is off the meth now and everything.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

56 Years For A Hidden Camera

Joelle on Her Belly
Originally uploaded by Sol Lang.
I don't know it does seem a little bit excessive to me. A good yelling at, a large fine. Make him buy a new trailer for them to live in.

In early 2005, James Boudreaux was sharing a mobile home with his son and his 18-year-old stepdaughter, with whom he'd been living almost without interruption since she was 11 years old.
His stepdaughter, who is not named in the court opinion, found out what was going on when she knocked on Boudreaux's door to give him some cigarettes she purchased on his behalf. Her stepfather was standing naked in front of the television. He quickly stopped the tape he was watching and jumped into bed--but not before she spotted what was on the screen.

That led her to enter his bedroom later, when he was gone, and discover videotapes depicting her and several friends in various stages of undress. She disconnected the camera installed in her bedroom. She then confronted Boudreaux, who replied that it was his trailer and he could film whatever he wanted.

Boudreaux kicked her out of the home a few months later, at which time the stepdaughter asked the sheriff's office for help in retrieving her personal items. She mentioned the video camera and tapes, which led to a search warrant and Boudreaux being arrested.

Kicking her out was stupid. Saying he could do whatever he wanted was stupid. But I think he is 56 years not because of changes in laws addressing video voyeurism. But because he has record.

I wonder if his son and her was married to her for 7 years it is Louisiana. And I think the age of consent is still 11 yrs down there.

Thank You

Originally uploaded by winkrand.
For all who come here and read my stuff. $17.33 so far 82.67 away from my first check, woo hoo.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nope Not On U.S. TV

What's In Those Energy Drinks?

Poz Robertson
Originally uploaded by thunderjones.
A Texas bodybuilder suing Pat Robertson contends the religious broadcaster walked into federal court for a legal proceeding and told him: ``I am going to kill you and your family.''
Busch contacted the show in 2005, saying he had slimmed down from 400 to 200 pounds by drinking the shake. CBN showed his before-and-after photos 20 times in a promotional spot and flew Busch to Virginia Beach for a live TV interview with Robertson.

Busch says he didn't know when he contacted CBN that Robertson recently had licensed his shake for commercial distribution by a nationwide health-food chain. He sued Robertson in September 2005, alleging that the broadcaster used his image for a commercial purpose without compensating him.

Can't believe this one... Robertson is crazy but not insane. His crazy statements are more to with him saying something in public, that he and his uneducated group say when they're just sitting around shootin the bull.

Other than that, that guy should have had a case if he was used in a promotional add. Maybe the drinks don't mix well with steroids???

How To Tell When You Got Dick On Your Mind

Male cyclists taking part in a nude environmental protest ride in Brisbane next month will be urged to equip themselves with one vital item - a sock.
"I think Queensland people tend to be a lot more conservative when it comes to matters such as non-sexual nakedness and environmental awareness.
He said women would be allowed to go topless but asked to wear knickers, while men would be encouraged to wear "a discretely placed sock".

And remember to take the aluminum foil off the potato. You have to watch this movie to know what thats about. And another way to tell you have dick on your mind is your writing stories like this and consecrating on dicks in socks.

I Will Tell You A Vrey Funny Thing About Sex

Originally uploaded by It's Miss Fish.
A plastic or latex mouth, anus or vagina is still silly but way is a fake dick such a cool sexy thing though...;)

Oh...? You need a sleeker sex toy.Try the Black Pearl Valentine, no more mundane hum drum humming for you then.

Oh yeah.
A woman in a garter belt(suspenders) and stockings with a bra and undies is a very sexy thing.

A man in his t-shirt and boxers with sock suspenders on is the funniest site you'll ever see...

Speaking of funny. Is this an innie or an outie? That's $129 to find out.

And The Joke Went Something Like This

A boy and a girl go to the zoo. The see a bull and a cow having sex. The boy says to the girl, gee i would like to do that. Girl says go ahead but I ain't gonna bail you out when you get arrested.

Thank you thank you. I will be here all week. So how about going to the zoo on valentines day?

Called Sex & the Animals, Magill said it makes a perfect Valentine's Day outing. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Miami Metrozoo amphitheater, 12400 SW 152nd St.

''Couples, especially those who have been together for a while, will get a kick out of it because a lot of the things they see in themselves they will see in these animals,'' Magill said.

The only disclaimer, he said: It's for adults only.

''I don't use any bad words. I certainly don't use a bunch of technical terms. I say it the way it is. I say what everybody's thinking but afraid to say,'' he said.

Come prepared to blush -- and laugh.

'I imitate tortoises' breeding with sounds effects and then people think 'Oh God, what did I get myself into?' '' Magill said.

Magill started the show about 18 years ago to get people to come to the zoo. It has been a hit ever since. He has performed the skit in places around the country.

Ahh, the sounds and smell of animal love making. yep, quite the turn on eh.

David Smith Is A Dipshit Story Is Getting Around

Substitute teacher Julie Amero being wrongfully convicted exposing kids to pornography story made it to the AP today. Read more HERE.

Got to keep it going. In time when you can get a brand new machine for $400.00 u.s. there is no reason for there to be people so out of touch. And I say again prosecutor david smith if that is his real name, should not only have to buy new machines for the school but should also be made to assist in their installation and security upgrades.

Why Veoh Sucks

There is no off switch. If you run the veoh player videos will be downloaded at full on no setting the upload and download rates. There is no off switch. To exit the programs you have to right click the icon in the toolbar.

Veoh enters crowded online video market

By GARY GENTILE, AP Business Writer Mon Feb 12, 5:16 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - Veoh Networks Inc. is launching a Web video syndication service Tuesday that uses peer-to-peer technology to distribute DVD-quality video and publish it on the Web's most popular sites, including MySpace and YouTube.

The privately held company hopes to become an online television service, allowing content creators to build their own channels and viewers to easily find and download video.

Veoh hopes to distinguish itself from competitors such as Brightcove, Revver and others by the use of a peer-to-peer network that will allow the delivery of huge video files more efficiently. With Veoh, users share the load of transmitting content, which is generally sent in small chunks from PCs that have its software installed.

The company is also touting its virtual digital video recorder service, which allows users to subscribe to programs or download video from any Web site.

The San Diego-based company has raised $12.5 million from investors such as Michael Eisner, former chief executive of The Walt Disney Co., Time Warner Inc. and private venture capital firms.

Once content creators upload their videos to Veoh, the content can be instantly syndicated across the Web to popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The videos also can be distributed to blogs, Really Simply Syndication feeds and portable devices such as Apple Inc.'s iPods.

The site has already signed deals with US Weekly magazine to create a celebrity news channel. The Hollywood talent agency UTA also has agreed to create a channel to audition clips from aspiring filmmakers and actors.

This story is very late. Veoh has already started doing this. And they did it without so much as a by your leave sir. Oneday you had to upgrade your veoh player or you couldn't access the service and when you did. You were greated with this gutenella (?), stuff. And the loss of your download que so you can only manage your downloads while they are downloading. Channels are now people and categories are few. And when you click the download button the player starts up and you can't browse the site, no bandwitdh.

Anyway the original content they are looking for is the same ol' Hollywood prefabricated canned stamped out sameness. Its now just another place for movies and music that nobody really loves that will be pushed on you as though it's the only thing you need, for right now that they are selling it to you. After that, it will be a different face same mesage. over and over and over...

But what will kill them is the fact that in no time soon will the U.S. get true highspeed access. 50 - 100mps in South Korea and Japan for same price we pay for what we get. But that exact same equipment will not be able to deliver the same here. P2P takes some of the burden off of them but it puts it on people who are not guaranteed to be their. TV is TV and DVD players are around 30 bucks U.S. so I don't see this online video need. What we do need is more world views.

Lastly porn. The real adult stuff is not porn but just people doing.., stuff. When you let porn in all you get is people using the site to post little porn clips that don't belong to them using a butt load of tags so the clip would come up. There is nothing more anoying than porn ads. Especialy when you ain't even looking for it.

So yeah there should be someplace for adult content but I think these online video hosting sites will keep skirting the dangerous line of letting people lie about their ages. Porn aside you need to be able to talk openly to your peer group too.

Monday, February 12, 2007

This Is Not Fake. It The Best Of The Best

"For months now the finest blogging and casual events reporting" writes The Hard Boiled Egg Gazette.

"I laughed I cried I click on lots of links everyday" The Guy Who Writes This Stuff Times.

Any who, it seems that maybe people are using this web 2.0 for evil and not good and shock surprise writing themselves glowing reviews for their lack luster or full on shitty products or services.

Hotels, restaurants and online shops that post glowing reviews about themselves under false identities could face criminal prosecution under new rules that come into force next year.

Businesses which write fake blog entries or create whole wesbites purporting to be from customers will fall foul of a European directive banning them from “falsely representing oneself as a consumer”.

From December 31, when the change becomes law in the UK, they can be named and shamed by trading standards or taken to court.

The Times has learnt that the new regulations also will apply to authors who praise their own books under a fake identity on websites such as Amazon.

Online consumer reviews are playing an ever greater role in shaping shopping habits, with websites such as TripAdvisor for the travel industry being seen as increasingly influential.

Here is a few hints for you. If the review is too short, it is fake. If the review is too specific, it is fake. If the language is that what gets used to convince people to invest in stuff, it is fake. And conversely if the bad review doesn't go into detail it's written by a crank.

Note this is Europe. In the U.S. I think fake reviews will be done by outsourced labor and fully supported. Fake reviews are one step away from whats in FAQs anyway. Oh how many times does a company have to answer if their product or service is the best on the market today geez.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anime. Why Do Canadians Hate It So...?

First Canadian houses do the translation of a lot of anime. Then you have this Canadian content law thingy. Some noise about 50 percent of their airwaves programing must be Canadian made... So when they get some nice anime they then make sorta their own version out of it... And on top of that since here in U.S. our pay TV channels are half Canadian, that's right. they make another version for our air. And what a mess it usually is.

They joints my have an U.S. address now but that has to do with all the mergers and stuff that nobody paid any attention to.

It's bad enough they change the story and have some of the weakest voice actors ever doing it. But you will silly little things like in Bleach they call the shinigami what the name of their weapons translate into. But you have people saying it's because you can't say god on TV hahaha.

And even when it is put on DVD you still have to put up stray edits to make things different. It makes them not really worth collecting. But I have gotten to see some nice FAN SUBmitted subtitled anime though. Wish someday they would just put some on DVD intact with a nice subtitle with no paraphrasing. And none of that well it just some Japanese thingy lets change that into a English phrase.

Kiba, Bleach, Ah! My Goddess, Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHoLic, Cardcaptor Sakura, are ons that have my attention now. So much so I ain't been blogging much.

Maybe one day a bunch of people will write to programs@selectondemand.com and request they start showing some subtitled anime. And it would work out right the monkeys stop flying from my butt they start remembering it's pay TV and the people paying for want changes...

Rather Creative This

I wanna be loved by you. Back in the old days they used to show old movies on regular TV all the time. It's been like forever that I have run into this here song. Wow, and then some. And if you follow the related videos it will led you to more.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dread Judge

I hate it when I miss stuff like this. I am going to try to do regular searches for dumb sex laws. Man, if you buy it then decide you don't like it. Then you buy another and don't quite like that one... So any who you end up with a few of them since you can't take them back after they have been used.

Why is it that people who are always yelling about states rights and keep the government out of our business, always getting in people private lives?

More with the stupid:
MacGlashan said, "I view this as further strengthening the board's commitment to protecting young people."

All ya gotta do is change what ya call 'em. And really is this a problem? Are there sex shops opening up next to schools out there? Where I went to school there was a candy store across the street. We'd go there to get stuff for lunch and gum gotta have gum.

Maybe kids these days have been listening to all those people who talk about kids these days blah blah blah... And they are hitting sex shops for supplies for nooners and wet gotta have wet.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


What does the Ghost Rider need to sound like an Elvis Presley impersonator? And does he have to be an Evil Knievel type of guy? The comic book was remade so I guess that this movie is based on it and not the original bad boy gets tricked into a deal with the devil story. And being a bad boy says screw your deal.

but today bad boy rebels are plastic pre formated lets all get along with authority figures who are themselves some of the baddest bad boys. Oh my, look at they guy smirking and that other one snarling as they hand contracts to their friends and family. But at the same time they never lie so no need for any rebellious characters around here.

When it comes out on HBO I might not watch this one. Still ain't looked any of the Spider-Mans'.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well All They Have To Do...

now is learn how to make the mean ugly face and they pretty much have it nailed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Damm Sausage Fight!

Kids Don't Do Drugs Mmkay

Unless it is you prescribed medications.Take those regularly or else...

Consolation Prize

A little something to help sooth the loss to red state bandits.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So Much For Firsts

The second black coach to make it to the super bowl team takes the victory. Maybe with some changes Da Bears will be back next year...

Edible Flowers

Yeah I know but still:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

And It Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer Too

Men, for the most part, understand this. Masturbation is one of the necessities for sustaining life, along with food, water (often replaced with beer), possibly shelter, and sex with a partner, for the lucky ones. I’ll bet you that even Captain Hook found some way to –ahem– scrub his deck.

Women, too, get down with a little she-bop, yet too many aren’t quite dancing with themselves. At least not in the way I mean. Is it really a biological or chemical difference between the sexes? Or have cultural norms stifled the panty shuffle?

“Could you cover technique?” one woman asked me. “I don’t even know how to do it.” I looked at her brushing her teeth and it came to me: “You should try an electric toothbrush.” There’s another type of pearl that needs polishing.

So I go back to paltalk and my favorite room Orgasmz R Us... Anyway a really nice lady was bounced out of the room for no reason while she was in mid bop. By this person katie_334. Things ain't as bad as in the black rooms where my people seem to create adult rated rooms only to talk about how they are the best cocksucker and clit ticklers out of one side of their mouths. And then pro face their disdained for dicks and viginas on cam. and on top of that they make just about everybody a room admin then they fill the room and nobody else can get in. And most of the damn admins aren't even on cam they are running some cam program to display images. They are not even at their computer.

But to cut somebody off because you think small boobs means they must be a kid its just stopid. kids don't have dildos. Kids use hair brushes and bottles or whatever they have handy. kids can't go buy or order and have delivered dildos and such.

So anywho I just wanted say that someplace and say masturbation is life. And life and sex is just stuff you in between.

Daniel Radcliffe

Quit shoving the boys Harry Potter in your 12yr old little girls face. The first Harry Potter movie was like seven years ago. Why is your little girl still 12yrs old???

Now if it was that little Emma Watson who was nude I could... not still see the problem but would probably try and see the play.

Anyway I get what even Kieth Olbermann and other U.S. newsies are trying get at about him this play. It's the 6o's 70's 80's 90's never happened around here sometimes.

HE STARTED his career playing the shy bespectacled schoolboy wizard sent away at a tender age to learn his trade at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But now fans of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe have the chance to see him naked in publicity shots to promote his West End debut in Equus

Instead of the traditional school uniform, familiar to millions of fans world-wide - many still anxiously awaiting the next Harry Potter film - Radcliffe, now 17, has taken a distinctly minimalist approach.

In one picture he appears with actress Joanna Christie who plays his girlfriend in the play. In another Radcliffe poses alongside a white horse. The horse, called Capote, also has his own claim to fame - he previously starred in a Guinness advert.