Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fuck Buddies An Idea That Cums To A New Gen'

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Growing numbers of young Japanese are starting to adopt the attitude of "what's a bonk between buddies" and shagging away with no strings attached, according to Spa! (2/20).
Goto arrived in Tokyo from rustic Wakayama last year. She found herself invited out to matchmaking parties where she would be plied with booze then dragged off to a nearby love hotel for a quick and nasty session. Now, in her second year at college, she's found a steady group of five friends, who serve her in a number of different ways.

"We have sex, but we're not going to become lovers.

Slowly this world is becoming like... me ;) Who doesn't do it like this?

Goto continues: "I want to meet lots of great guys, have lots of great sex and build up lots of experience so I become a great woman."

Somebody needs to pitch a greeting card line idea to Hallmark. The shag buddies a group of colorful character to let your shag mate know. Even though you went there you still care. Example, After you honked my knob sorry I left you with a mouth full of... Oh wait I guess I have to work on it still eh.

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