Monday, February 19, 2007

I Blame These Assholes

ho tube
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This site tubehos. They post links to youtube girls dancing videos. Good idea stupid stupid name and I believe the reason youtube is coming down booty videos.

Nothing like a bunch of insecure males to bring down a good thing. I mean What The Fuck? If they was nice we would get more booty and slipped in sexiness but, instead we angry men who can't look without making some stupid vulgar comments.

Do they think they are somehow better souls for having gotten off to these videos and now shed their guilty feelings through abuse? Or are they just abusive little punks who need to be separated from the rest of society?

Youtube should knock off the nannying and worry about telling people how expunge stupid comments. And they should come up with a way to flag empty profile accounts of people who are just there to be assholes.

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