Sunday, February 25, 2007

Love Hotel

Love Hotel "Suika"
Originally uploaded by Datsun Z.
Man how I want to live in Japan. Or just bring some of that over here.

Tokunaga says that the ideal place for exceptional love hotel slow sex will be of relatively recent construction, be roomy with a large bed and not be filled with gaudy decorations or accessories that make the room like part of an amusement park.

I want to ride somebody at the love hotel. Will there be discounts if you bring a soda can? If you live outside the U.S. Six Flags amusement park every year since I was kid offers price off tickets to the park that way...

Well anyway they got these love hotels over there and what the article is about is doing it in slow motion. Versus a wham bam thank you mam. In a joint made out like an amusement park. What ya don't like the jungle theme Tarzan? But I want to go to a love hotel DAMMIT. With my um... Do I have a steady partner?

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