Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Man Woman And The Vagina

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I believe its all the same but I could be wrong a little. Our sex organs start out the same.

There are three key stages of sexual response for both men and women. Desire is first, followed by arousal; these two steps can be interchangeable. Men have a longer plateau during arousal, while a woman quickly reaches orgasm after her plateau. Climax occurs in the third stage: resolution.

Men generally take a shorter time to become aroused and have a longer stage before reaching orgasm. However, it can take women 15–30 minutes before reaching arousal. Women also take longer to wind down after climaxing and can remain aroused after orgasm, allowing for multiple orgasms.

Okay my stages. Look for something online to get aroused by. Get aroused but keep looking for more. Hold it hold it, check one more website out or one more video. Ok, allright, wait, dang that bums me out. Start over and skip over things with that in the title or stay that chat cam room from now on. Wait what time is it? Just try to hurry up and climax ah, um, no nevermind.

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