Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Americans Are All Talk No Action

Americans are confused about sex. Many of the first colonists were Puritans, and a strong puritanical streak still runs through our culture.

Although our sitcoms and soap operas rely on sex to keep viewers watching, many of us consider this type of entertainment a guilty pleasure.

Despite our seeming obsession with sex on television, in movies and on the Web, Americans are actually more watchers than doers. We're a voyeuristic society that seems content to observe others acting sexy.

According to some global sex surveys, Americans lag behind people in France, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Great Britain and even Kazakhstan in having sex.

Part of the problem might be that Americans work too hard. A survey for the National Sleep Foundation found that nearly one-fourth of the couples surveyed were often too tired to engage in sexual activity.

No we are just lame. Women who wear clothes that come off of a rack, if it shows a little skin. They will be called hoes. If ladies shake their bootays in youtube videos they will be called hoes.

But yet porn gets sold in the billions. It's a sick sort of denial. It is almost as though the 60's to early 90's never happened. It's mostly fake knee jerk reaction based on some how a belief that people will some how think badly of them. So they loudly decry any thing that might be arousing.

Those who expected Viagra to increase libido were soon disappointed. While this medication is considered effective for helping a man achieve an erection, that achievement is possible only in the presence of sexual desire. Medical science is still looking for ways to increase libido.

Too many medicines do the opposite — dampen desire. Many Prozac-like antidepressants interfere with arousal or function. Birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy and even some blood pressure medications can reduce interest in making love.

So there is no love potion you still have to want it. Now I am depressed...

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