Saturday, March 10, 2007

Becasue Idiots Don't Have A Point


Virgin Territory. BRING A PHOTO ID

Okay here is the setup. Some dudes who are "virgins" try and make it with women with have a to soon happy ending. All right give us the story line. Huh, what that is the story.

I would ask why a show like this would make sense to these people win I suspect they don't even go that deep in thinking about it. 18 - 34 yrs. old? Ain't that a target audience age range rather a I'm sure we'll find some virgins in there somewhere? If you are a person willing to be on a show like this then you have most likely been around the bend a few times already.

If they would try for a comedy non reality, reality TV show fine I would give them that. It would still be a horrible show and all. But enough with the TV for idiots who still believe in the tragic lantern.

This is like a wish gone bad. You have just one and you really want something dirty but at the same time interesting and more than just trouser stimulation. Instead you get this. And not only is it something that you wont like but. It will probably keep anything good away from happening anytime soon.

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