Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Had This Thought

Several years ago that someday someone would try and kill sex education in schools by bringing in porn and trying to pass it off as sex ed. material.

Jonathan Stacks, campaign manager for Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education, gasped when he heard the details of the 'frequently asked questions' read aloud in the 8th grade class. He said the material was not age-appropriate, and never should have been taught without discussing such sensitive material with parents first.

'This is really getting into the aspect of pleasure ... and the mechanics of how to have good sex,' Stacks said. 'It goes way beyond what the national medical associations recommend for a comprehensive program.'

Stacks said most Illinois schools shy away from teaching anything but abstinence, AIDS and human development, which is what is mandated by state standards. Though his organization advocates going beyond abstinence and discussing some sexual issues and contraception more openly with teens, Stacks said, 'It's really important we don't go to the other extreme.'

So with this story I am going to have to cry, shenanigans! I don't believe for one moment that you would make a student do something that makes them uncomfortable and it being about sex too, without meaning to.

Principal Stephan Harman said the teacher made a serious mistake in judgment by giving the students the handout and having them read the material aloud. Harman said the teacher told him 'he didn't read it thoroughly enough.'

The four-page handout was printed from a British Web site called The site promotes an international organization that seeks to educate the public about AIDS and HIV prevention. Among other information, the site offers two links about sex--one 'mainly for young people' and the other one titled 'general questions about sex.'

The teacher made the printout from the 'general questions' link, which is explicit and covers 'G-spots,' orgasms, anal sex, sexual positions and a how-to guide on masturbation. The information for young people covered more standard material on dating, peer pressure, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.
These supposed questions are reflecting people who are having sexual relations and are old enough to ask the how am I doing queries. Don't see the point in the class having to read the questions aloud...

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