Friday, March 23, 2007

It's The People Generated Content Stupid

[insert joke about missing the point]

News Corp and NBC plan to put their crappy movies and TV shows online. They the reason YouTube is so popular is because of little clips of their shows being on there. When in fact someone might see something there and start watching their crappy shows on TV.

But nope, these out of touch with reality corporation idiots think that people are only on the internet to get stuff that they can get on TV and the radio already. They just have to have control of it all.

The Internet video market is key to the future of media and will be vast enough to accommodate competition, analysts said. But one missing element they noted is the ability for users to upload their own videos -- a function that has made YouTube so popular with the younger audience.

"There's plenty of room for multiple players," said Richard Greenfield of Pali Capital.

"It's still not clear how user-generated content is going to fit in and it's still not clear that all of these companies won't do a deal with Google over time," he said.

YouTube can still distinguish itself with its popular tools for users to share homemade, as well as professionally produced, material.
While free to viewers, the site will be paid for by advertising and has already signed on marketers Cadbury Schweppes Plc, Cisco Systems Inc. and General Motors Corp..

I think this a clip from that west wing show.

Like I have said. Here they come to make sure no matter what you viewing or listening is something of theirs. I like the fact that they consider YouTube to be a rival and yet the article doesn't point out the fact YouTube ain't a TV or radio station or newspaper.

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