Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lawyer bares breasts giving evidence in trial

Janet Robertshawe, 36, was yesterday called as a defence witness in the trial of an alternative health professional accused of indecently assaulting three female patients.

The man, whose name and specific occupation are suppressed, is accused of touching the breasts of two of the women and the breast and genitalia of the other during massage treatment.

If it is a massage, and your naked, and I am massaging you, and feel uncomfortable. Leaving aside my drooling, and heavy breathing, and that strange guteral laugh of mine... How do you get yourself accused of inappropriate touching during a massage. Okay maybe it was deep tissue genitalia massage???

The accused then began the treatment, undoing Mrs Robertshawe's bra early in the procedure.

She was moved onto her left side, facing the jury, as the accused continued the vigorous deep tissue massage treatment.

The movement exerted on Ms Robertshawe's body shook her bra free and a towel covering her frequently fell down, exposing her breasts to the court.

After about 10 minutes, the jury was asked to retire while the massage table was packed up. The accused was still massaging Mrs Robertshawe as the jury was led from the court.

Mrs Robertshawe, fully clothed, later gave evidence from the witness box. She said she was referred to the accused in 1998 for treatment on a back complaint, and has received more than 40 treatments from him since.

Okay, got it now. They didn't know what they were getting into. Unless he a the deep tissue genital thing.

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