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Mixed or Single-Sex School?

Mixed or Single-Sex School?
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You know you are spenindig why too much time at school when you are comfortable enough to have sex their.

Huffington Post blogger Sally Kohn Says...

What a world we live that it will never go away. I am talking about how people with really bad memories will remember their childhood with kids these days.

A reader comments:
Not being a US citizen - how old is a sixth grader? If it's twelve then I'm sorry it's Not OK in My Book. I don't approve - but I don't have a clue how to stop it either. When pre-pubescent kids are raised on a diet of music videos where their music idols are bumping and grinding like $2 Crack Whores then it's no wonder that young girls these days wanna show just how 'grownup' they are by matching their peers behaviour. (oh for the days when simple cigarette smoking was delinquent enough) School is a tribal battlefield where the ante is constantly raised. A few years back it was oral 'favours' but now it seems they're going the whole hog.

What's next: 12 year olds doing strip videos on YouTube to show how 'cool' they are? Try searching 'Hips Don't Lie' on YouTube and see what you get. You'll see plenty of amatuer bumping and grinding from that 12 year old's not much older sister ...

I know I sound like a redneck but I'm actually a liberal. A liberal with a 5 y.o. daughter who sees dark clouds on the horizon but knows he can't control the weather ...

I wonder if people realize that there are cultures where people run around nude or ornamentally clothed. And there is no little kids run wild. What makes kids run wild is lack supervision. It takes more than emulating a music video to make somebody have any kind of sex. Which in 6th grade I am sure it ain't really something you could call sex. But if you keep saying things like kids these days and giving out scapegoat your way out of any responsibility card statements like the above exaggerations. I mean really if you want to shake your hips you are akin to a two dollar prostitute.

But it's nice to know he is one Youtube searching for them.

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