Thursday, April 19, 2007

Because Hypocrisy Is The Norm

Why Are Americans Afraid of Being Naked?

But in Europe, and particularly the Netherlands, where bakeries display anatomically-correct marzipan nudes in their front windows right next to chocolate bunnies and chicks, such furor over confectionary draws a complete blank. On this side of the Atlantic, when it comes to nudity, Europeans happily assert they've got absolutely nothing to hide.

"The Netherlands is a liberal country where public nakedness is allowed, and that's the way it should be -- that's why there's a law for it," says Ragna Verwer of the Dutch Naturist Federation (NFN), a 70,000-member-strong organization established to expand naturist activities.

According to Verwer, 1.9 million Dutch regularly get nude, going to nude beaches or stripping down in their own gardens, though she estimates the numbers are much higher as NFN doesn't include sauna-goers in its research. "Naked recreation is well accepted here. But we have to take care that things stay this way, which is why we often discuss these matters with local city councils and recreation areas to create more places."

While trying to find that story about the guy who was arrested for neing naked in his backyard. I found out there is a World Naked Gardening Day. Anyway everybody always pokes fun at us for our double standards and impossible to understand reasons for making everything durty.

Maybe some day we will have a more open way of thinking starting with nude people on TV but in a porno or dead from violent acts.

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