Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Old Is She Now?

I remember when child models were just cuties that got grow up in front of a lens. Not like those webeweb kids who were put in the stripper/prostitute outfits.

So Hyde is like how old now? Man I think they have stuck 16 yrs now. Which so sick. I mean enough with child model crap breakout and do some old modeling. Are child lovers really where the money is at? Look at her she is hot. And I would buy anything even air if she was the spokes person for it.

Any she still has these two unnecessary sites, Hydemodel/Hydemodel, when she should just have the one. They both get a few updates each month making them only worth your waiting several and just getting a one month member ship.

The problem web models is they tend to not give you much reason to hang on for the next bit. They think serial. If they told a story with a series of monthly posts that would do it. but that asking to much of people who don't take the bad shots out of the picture sets they do post.

Steph has moved but does no porn stuff and i wonder what Anna will do now that she turns 18 this year. What they need to is get somebody to make them some slicker websites. How 1990s those are.

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