Thursday, April 26, 2007

Real Furries

a sexy animal
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Into the Shadowy World of Sex With Animals

The director Robinson Devor apparently would like viewers who watch his heavily reconstructed documentary, “Zoo,” to see it as a story of ineluctable desire and human dignity. Shot on Super 16-millimeter film, with many scenes steeped in a blue that would have made Yves Klein envious, “Zoo” is, to a large extent, about the rhetorical uses of beauty and metaphor and of certain filmmaking techniques like slow-motion photography. It is, rather more coyly, also about a man who died from a perforated colon after he arranged to have sex with a stallion.

Out west they have sex animals all the time. I don't care but just don't screw with my food.

Written by Mr. Devor and Charles Mudede, “Zoo” is nothing if not artful. Even before its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January, it had attracted a fair amount of attention that quickly morphed into a reassuringly familiar drone. Documentaries, particularly the kind shown at festivals like Sundance, tend to reaffirm the audience’s worldview, partly by appealing to its presumptive tolerance and partly by underscoring the artistry of the endeavor (the vision thing). Like many such documentaries, “Zoo” wraps its sensationalistic core in a seductive mantle, an approach that appeals to viewers already predisposed to art and the Enlightenment, “Sesame Street” and all things not Rush Limbaugh. These are films as documents of reason (yours, mine, the creators’), the cinema of indoor voices.

Check out this sexy beasty.

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