Monday, April 16, 2007

Voyeurism Is Still Voyeurism

Video voyeur catches principal and teacher having at it in his office. Then voyeur(s) start spreading it around. I guess they feel its okay if your just trying to get somebody fired.

(CBS) CHICAGO - A south suburban elementary school has been rocked by scandal after an X-rated DVD showing the principal and a teacher having sex was leaked to parents.

The video reportedly shows the principal, Leroy Coleman, in his office having sex with a science teacher, Janet Lofton, at Sandridge Elementary School. The DVD runs for two hours, during which another woman, also a teacher, appears on the video as well.
The Cook County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case, including how someone got access to a school office and planted a recording device. The school board is interested in having them prosecuted.

It ain't no different than ramming your car into somebody in a fit of road rage.

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