Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charlie Gibson's Sarah Palin Interview

Okay the before hand stuff about it being a Barbra Walters type of affair. Made it seem like it would be pretty soft. It was but, I don't know. Was he tougher than expected or is she just a typical neocon? I know there are some of these neocons who try and have an air conscience thought.

But really they are mostly a bunch of people who strive for profit to the point of seeing money in wars no matter the cost. And money you earned as really belonging to them. So how about a flimsy excuse to let have that social security money to invest, ya' know for you.

Neocons have never come off as having any other world view other than the sun revolves around them.

What we saw as a wow, what an empty vessel. They saw nothing wrong. And as it will be explained to them what went wrong. They will just go back to claiming she is weak woman who is being attacked, by bleeding heart help everybody liberals, because is female, and we all know how liberals feel about women. But hey she tougher than that. And she get out talk all about being beat up on but fighting back.

And nobody will point out that fending off imaginary attacks is not a sign of being ready to commander in chief.

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