Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin & McCain

This debacle has become just too stupid now. What's the bit here. If your true hardcore racist, you would want these two over a black guy any day?

And can the media just back off of them a little more? Zebus fucking Chrisy! They don't seem to get what's at steak here. If the neocons continue to fuck things up, they get get fucked up too. There is no special place in hell for "journalists".

Black for president might be a Muslim and other lies. And then just going all he said she said. Ain't being objective at all. A lie is a lie and repeating that lie is lying.

Best media bias ever, suggesting that people are saying they are for Obama only when asked or put on the spot by somebody asking them. Then doing what they can to try and make Palin and McCain look good.

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