Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Debate -- Applause

So here is what I saw. McCain talked to his base directly. It made Chris Matthews very happy but he wondered why McCain didn't do this all along.

Which brings us to why McCain lost the debate. The base are those rabid wingnuts who don't have the ability to bring people to their side anymore. If you actually look around sometime, you'll see a world which following the wingnut rhetoric made a bit less safer for us all.

I love the way nobody seems to think that telling people Democrats want to tax and spend, and that they are soft on terror will make them forget all about. Being spied on, no shoes at the airport, their sons and daughters in combat without body armor. Or the fact that Bin Laden is a free, living man still. And that your local governments have to make up for federal tax shortfalls with higher local taxes.

It's the 21st century the year is 2008. They are going to try and win it on, really you'd elect a black guy president, platform. Starting with more stories about how people are ignoring Obama's qualifications and are saying to pollsters that they would vote for a black guy. Because they don't want to offend anyones dilcate sensablilities.

Which is better than trying to McCain Palin seem like they are qualified.

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