Thursday, December 18, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden Streams Will Be

Dubbed by the same canadian fools who wreck all anime. The streaming of Naruto Shippuuden is the start of a means to cut off anyone who loves anime from viewing the shows in their unmolested by the dubbers form.

It is bad enough that with Naruto Shippuuden the animators mark the 10th year of Kishimoto, Masashi manga by going off the rails with a bizarre storyline. Now you have a god awful dub coming out as the story airs.

I don't think these idiots will ever get that what people want is the original story with the original voice actors (Seiyuu), not this lame crap they keep making up to attract the widest audience possible. Which since they suck, they don't. But for you who say they like it, so. What came first? Us who are watching or you who are watching dubbed versions of what aired years ago... Oh wait look you get to see anime as it airs now. And freshly crapped over hacked up and dubbed, my bad.

ytv canada and viz and all the bad dubbers are a multi country corp. No fighting it they are too big. It is time to learn Japanese and visit the local Asian markets. Transparent tech' has a good deal on language software right now. And just "search engine" manga and anime book stores. you'll find a shop close to you to selling some unvizzed on stuff.

Narto can be found on hulu joost and crunchyroll.

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