Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A Trap

Okay enough with all this first black president and history being made stuff. You know the real party is about finally everybody sees what republicans are. And after eight years of hell.

This is as I said before "Golden Time"

Screw the rich and help the poor and middle classes. Get back to building strong foundations and not giving more money to people who already have it all. People still have not realized that rich people don't shop at department stores and supermarkets. They still seem shocked to hear that sales figures are low.

Well whatever man. When you wake up from the No More republicans Party. Don't take anytime to laugh at all the the country moved center right folks. Which by the way are they saying that if McCain/Palin had won. The country would have moved left of center? Or bush while leaving office claiming everything that happened wasn't his fault. Or all the it's about conservatives verses progressives, not look at what those folks did wrong. Despite all the warnings.

The next big setup will be about how electing somebody just because of race is wrong. And no matter how much of their asses they will have to show. The folks trying to block change will just claim. He is just ineffective and go on and on about how there was this big party when he came in and now look at things.

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