Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Alarm bells ring over 'sexting'

But the practice of sexting - sending nude or semi-nude images of oneself to others via mobile phones - is having unintended and, in some cases, tragic consequences.

The risk of having one's private pictures distributed among schoolmates or uploaded on to social-networking websites is only one part of it.

It could also lead to a criminal conviction as a sex offender for any teenager who forwards them on to someone else.

There is plenty of stuff that you do when you're young that could be turned into a crime. I remember lots of thing that the kids I went to school with did that could be perverted into crimes. I fear the sensationalist will win out on this for a while. Picture is from a story on top 10 sports streakers.

Also, why are little kids, young adults, trying to act like this is the 60's or earlier? You'd attack a person for having nudes and sexy pics. when that kind of stuff is everywhere.

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