Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Search YouTube For Miley Cyrus Pole Dance

Who's your favorite tween star you'd like to fuck? Apparently for a lot of people it is that Miley Cyrus kid(16). Also apparent is that they have never seen a teenager is shorts. And never seen an ice cream cart.

How would you like to be the person who decided they needed to leave the umbrella off. Even though they extended the pole so she could get on top of the cart and under it while still dancing. This left a lot people with extended poles feeling uncomfortable. So hey, lets call it a stripper pole, and fake angrily chastise the kid. Shake fist and say "she's too young to be making me cream my pants"!

And why does Michael Buckley call it an ice cream truck? Why does he cover so much tween interest junk? Why do I feel the need to comment about a tween star I don't watch? And no I don't watch any of those shows and didn't watch the award show. If they don't do stuff people on YouTube are a talking about them, then... The young turks started me off this morning with a clip.

And if I could tell from just a clip what was going on.

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