Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only Because She Is A Social

I blame face book and my space for this. Joseph Lattari and Faith Erman was doing it outside. I got nothing it's only because she at least has fb mp pages.

Tsk tsk tsk. If you are gonna do stuff like have sex in the street. Don't have profiles pictures with other people in them geez.

Yes I want to know and see cellphone pics at least of this ;)


Faith Erman said...

My name is Faith Erman and that is my story in which you're refering to. What had happened almost 2 months ago was a huge mistake on both parts. They only people toblame for what happened is Joe and I. Though we did not have sex in the street or on the sidewalk is beside the point. It was 2 drunken teenagers that messed up. People have sex all the time in public but do not get caught, and we did. You call me a social.Yes, I do have a facebook, and my profile picture had me and a friend, but I do not see what those pages have to do w/ anything. It was our mistake and we paid the concequences for what happend.

DeadBeatt said...

I was talking about being on the 'social' networking site with that comment. I don't have anything against you or sex in a public. Especially a public place that has no public there.

And the tsk tsk tsk. Was a point about "profile picture etiquette".

The reason the lions doing it picture was used is because I couldn't find a picture on flikr that was of people. That wouldn't get my blog flagged with a content warning.

Wasn't trying to say anything bad bad you.

Faith Erman said...

I fully understand now. I had only commented because my case had brought about alot of negative attention towards me and not necissarily about Joe Lattari. Article were written about me with graphic detailing that wasnt all right. It made local papers that family and alot of peers have seen. When I went to court for what happened I was cut a deal only because of how much publicity the case had gotten.
That is the only reason why I gave such speculation and I am sorry if I had come off rude by any means.My facebook picture at the time did in fact have a picture of me and a friend that had been up way before the incedent. As soon as I say the articles that used my picture I changed my profile picture.