Monday, August 24, 2009

Time To reSTART Your Life

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A little obsessive with the internet? Why not take 45 day break for a mere 14,500 bucks? Includes food and meals though.

Included in the 45-day tuition:
  • Food and Meals
  • Retreat Center Overnight Accommodations for 45 Days*
  • Clinical Evaluation and Assessment
  • Customized treatment planning, relapse prevention, and aftercare coordination
  • 1x1 Individualized psychotherapy
  • Daily personal counseling, life coaching, skills training, mentoring, and mindfulness based stress reduction
  • Weekly high adventure recreational and fitness activities tailored to individual needs
  • Average 1-6 guests at a time

* Programs with shorter/longer stays are available to meet individual and financial needs. Tuition scholarship opportunities are offered for those in need.

I hear this will be covered by Obamacare but, a bunch of old folk have to kicked off medicare in order to do it.

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