Thursday, June 03, 2010

Speaking Of Sucking

You know what sucks? Comodo that's what. The things it found to be viruses and blocked are numerous. Like my CD/DVD burning software. Or Coupon printer. And little things like the java used to print out a shopping list from the well malware site

When you get messages about needing administrator permission to install something. And your are at home on your single PC. Most likely it is your antivirus software. Comodo was and is still free but you have to pay to get help. All help file documention is for versions much older than the current one. And the menus are pretty cryptic. I wanted to turn off automatic updates. They were taking up all my bandwidth 1.5mps thus not really running the background as I could do nothing until it finished. And to make it worse. They increased in frequency with time to be more than once an hour.

Hi pharaoh90, welcome to the forums.

The option that is mainly responsible for this is Automatically update virus database before scanning under AntiVirus - Virus Scanner Settings - Real Time Scanning. The same option (to update the AV database before scanning) can also be found under Manual Scanning & Scheduled Scanning. Whilst there is currently no option to update the AV definitions daily, weekly or whatever, you can however create a small Scheduled AV Scan (with automatic AV update set for scheduled scans) to update the AV definitions on whatever time-scale you wish.

I hope that helps.

 Okay so, that turns it off but no it does not turn off automatic update before the scheduled scan which you are locked into at every Sunday 12am.

And whats that about no daily updates even though I was writing about how to turn off the daily updates? And given information on how to do it.

And it used to be you could set predefined policies for apps going through the firewall. That don't work for me with the new version. Old versions you'd run an app for the first time with comodo installed and a popup appears asking you how you want to handle the program. No matter the settings I never got that with the new version. The only popup I would get would be one asking about running the app in a sandbox. And if I clicked no, I would then get a message that I needed administrator permission to run and or install it.

I went to do my backup and found that I could run NERO. I uninstalled comodo and it worked just fine. Now I have to backup and clean install windows. Then I will get to see what other things that will work correctly without it installed.

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