Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Even google Ads Hates Rachael Ray

But not as much as the community of folks. But it was nice of them offer colon cleansing and gas relief for any consuming any of her meals. I personally don't hate the little screeching retch or her piles of slop she calls cooking.

It is however the overall state of how to TV that I am pissed with. What happened to learning how to do new things? And finding out about whats going on in the world outside you own.

From supposed master carpenters who don't use a spit coat before staining. To hard cheesing overly enthusiastic hosts who can't seem to shut-up with the filler comments, whoa, am I going to make, alright good job, blah blah. It's not like this is a visual medium or anything. And if you are not being descriptive of the happenings then you're not doing anyone without sight any favor as well.

Anyway it has mostly become a platform for advertisers of the canned processed redi made sameness.

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