Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ok This Is Just Silly

Why Japanese guys don't give head -- here's the 'science'!

"It's not like it's the most visually appealing area, is it?" one refusenik tells Weekly Playboy.

When it comes to explaining why they dislike oral sex, it's plain to see from another man that neither cat nor pussy have got his tongue.

"All the hair gets caught between your teeth," the 27-year-old illustrator tells Weekly Playboy. "And I don't do anything down there with my fingers, either, because they end up smelling."

Weekly Playboy says that young men who refuse to orally pleasure women can be divided into the traumatized (who are frightened by the sight of female genitalia), the neglectful (who aren't even aware of the practice of cunnilingus), and the rawboned -- who simply dislike anything uncooked, including sashimi.

Teeth are not involved unless they like you nibbling down there. Slice an orange in half through the middle so you end up with the spiral pattern. Now without using your teeth remove the segments. Your call on whether you get th juice too or let dribble down your chin.

And also don't they have seminars for people who are scared of pussy?!?

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