Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gentlemen Don't Kiss And Blog

If after we have sex, which would be the best you ever had, would you write about it in your blog.

Thousands of people around the world have started personal internet journals, or blogs, which expose details of their sex lives that would make Bridget Jones blush.

While explicit diaries are nothing new, technology allows stories of sex with strangers, workmates or old flames to be shared with the rest of the world in seconds.
Their rise has sparked a legal, ethical and moral debate that pits free speech against the right to privacy of those who, perhaps unwittingly, feature in these blogs.

American blogger Jessica Cutler faced legal action in the United States after being exposed as the author of a blog detailing her steamy liaisons with six men while working as a junior aide to a senator.
The freedom to use a blog to express any opinion is a mixed blessing, according to psychologist Dr Petra Boynton.

"You don't quite know if someone you meet is going to be blogging about it," she says. "There are no guidelines or books that tell you the right way to do it."

Writers must balance the need to protect people's identities while keeping the blogs real, Lee says.

I need to start me a sex blog. It would be mostly about where I was online and who I was jerking to. And fantastic thing they were doing. And when I write about my person to person exploits I don't identify them out of my shame. So I am ok there...

And if somebody I was having it off with was to write or talk about it. Well if it was bad I would not acknowledge it and run around trying to find someone to do it with right so I would get a more glowing report. But if it was good I would just be a little coy, while dropping a lot of hints.

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