Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sexualised Images And Girls

Yes no and maybe. I depends on how you look at it. The problem is when the girl is not in control. Cheerleader are sexy. Girls want to be cheerleaders because they see other girls being sexy? No!

A task force from the American Psychological Association analysed the content and effects of television, music videos, music lyrics, magazines, films, video games and the Internet on young girls, reported the online edition of BBC News.

The experts scrutinised recent advertising campaigns and merchandising of products aimed at girls and found that sexualisation has negative effects on them, including in their cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, and healthy sexual development.

Sexualisation was defined as occurring when a person's value comes only from her or his sexual appeal or behaviour, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is portrayed purely as a sex object.

Sexualisation can lead to a lack of confidence with their bodies as well as depression and eating disorders. Such images also have a negative effect on healthy sexual development in girls, said Eileen Zurbriggen, chair of the group and associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The task force called on parents, school officials and health professionals to be alert to the potential impact on girls and young women. It also advised that pupils be taught media literacy skills and be exposed to information on the negative effects of images portraying girls as sex objects in sex education programmes.

Can't be a sex object until you are into sex. The message in modern advertising is eat sleep drink sex, did i catch your eye?. Instead of giving this stuff substance. How about a message of this is not your sex. This just people trying to sell crap to you.

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