Monday, March 19, 2007

I Miss The Old Nero

I want the old interface that nero 5 had. I like being able to create multiple CDs by dragging and dropping files from the side file browser. It is the never having to reopen it things part I like. And the way the created burns cascade like that. I have burner drive for one reason. Getting stuff off my hard drive.

But they are trying be your "solution" for your business created CD and DVDs. Its all slick and fancy interface crap and base practical functionality. "Nero Mobile – Transforms your mobile phone into a mobile media center", that is just stupid. Nero 7 is just a lot of garbage. I really don't this idea that you have to try and do everything with one bit of software. They should make two different things then. A burner program, and a multimedia nightmare thing.

And what the hell is up with there Spanish/Portuguese website?

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