Monday, March 19, 2007

World Clocks Did Not Keep Up With New Time Change

World Clock never sprung ahead

Just happen to use my phones world clock to try to know when an internet broadcast would be live. Thought I had it all figured out when I look at the other time zones I found I didn't. Chicago is still on the old time but the clock in the phone was updated.

I did the over the air programing thing to see if it would change. Nope. Now I need to find me an world clock program that did keep track with the DST time change and has an alarm too. Really need and alarm. I can be siting squat right here at ma machine and miss shows. I know I probably need to use some the to do list functions of the stuff I already have.

Oh and come to think to remember it. My phones time changed before 2am. I don't when exactly or close to exactly because I only looked it to see how close it to time change time minutes before. And thats when I noticed it was already 3:50 something.

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