Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mules And Webcam Viewers

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Donkeys I will be keeping what I have going for the month but, I will need to stop and re-install windows. I do that opposed to registery cleaning and crap. I stopped right now to defrag.

If you are old enough click on the links, some interesting stuff them. I don't get no money for them but I ain't supposed to talk about the ones that do... Maybe I will find a story you have not heard of. Or a picture you haven't seen before so keep coming back.

Cam viewers I went with paltalk for a month hoping to get some good stuff during Feb. but you see all of what I got. When I get some change to spare I will either try again or go back to anywebcam. If I had of known my lifetime gold would expire I would have done way more vid' capping.

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