Friday, March 02, 2007

Toxic Toys

dildo mushrooms
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It takes the Village Voice to cover toy dangerous toysthey never talk about at chistmas time. And these go far beyond a choking hazard.

Dangerous Dildos, Part 2

In "Dangerous Dildos, Part 1" I recounted my experience with a red dildo that left my ass feeling as if it were on fire and I laid out the research on the culprit: phthalates, a group of industrial chemicals found in many sex toys. Mine is not an isolated incident; ask any sex store clerk or porn star: Lots of people are talking about the burning, itching, and other irritation experienced after using PVC sex toys with phthalates.

Another downside to these toys is that they're porous, so they cannot be easily cleaned or completely disinfected (like nonporous materials such as silicone or glass).

Ok what's in those make your own dildo kits?

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