Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nothing Like A World View

Wow, how about that you can watch things from the BBC on YouTube. What a nice little thingy that is.

You really can get a whole new world view of things by seeing what is going on in another country that speaks the same language although rather badly. All right lets see what the brits are getting up to.


Okay, it would seem that they don't get the concept of sharing with the world. BBC channel is only for brits and who they like. What The Fuck! Why step onto the damn world stage with restricted content? Well but if you really think about it. If that stuff was any good somebody would have capped and posted it. So whatever it is, it can't be all that interesting.

Probably a brit cooking show on how boil... everything.

Uploaded by pharaoh90

Here is how you share. An old yahoo camer. I will now go looking for brit bashing videos and websites.

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