Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Samsung SH-S183

Allrighty I have finaly gotten me a DVD burner. I never had a need nor a system that could handle one. The Samsung Super writemaster lightscribe double layer -+R is a fine drive. I haven't burned any duoble layer or made any labels yet. But for CD and DVD 4.7 burning it does great. My only hang-up is Nero express 6 OEM.

My old drive was a Memorex 40x12x48 CD-RW with a Nero5 OEM. The drive itself has no brand markings on it. It was very noisy and took like three tries to open the drive bay. It did that in the old machine as well as the new one so that now after having it for however many years, I can rule out power supply issues. Nero 5 was so cool. I liked the way it had the file manager on the right and the CD layout(s) on the left. I miss not being able to create layouts all at once. And it telling me what the size of files and directories / folders was, was really helpful when I had lots to burn. I allways had lots to burn ;)

The price at the time was 50 bucks with rebate. I saw somebody selling one on Amazon recently for 98.95... I might ebay mine for 25.00 bucks minus the info about the drive bay.

Got to get some lightscribe discs and try that out some time.

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