Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sex Or Pizza

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When eating pizza is better than sex

You've heard it before -- even bad sex is good sex, right?

Those words, I suspect, often come spilling out of the mouths of men, as they did earlier this week.
"Bad sex isn't worth adding another notch in the belt for," I said, recalling a horrifying experience when I'd put the brakes on part way through to order a Hawaiian pizza.

The foreplay was so lacklustre, I couldn't justify completing the task.

But you can justify pinapple on pizza? Oh this is just being mean.

One woman, however, didn't need to fake an orgasm. That's because she didn't even know she was having sex!

"I didn't know until he was finished," the 30-year-old admits.

"It was so small that I didn't know he was inside me until he stood up and the condom had stuff in it."

In Addition: Wha is that Rita Cosby in this Flick Photostrem?

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