Thursday, March 08, 2007

What Oh You Mean Playing Video Games

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Okay, here we go again. Don't try and make a gooder video game try and trick people into thinking they need to play.

"Right now, the (adult video game) market targets mainly straight white guys," said Brenda Brathwaite, chair of the International Game Developers Association sex special interest group. "And straight white guys aren't the only ones having sex."
One of those design problems, said Noah Dudley, the producer of Naughty America, an online adult game that will launch later this year, is that women don't approach sex in games the same way men do.

It's virtual and completely unreal sex how would a womans approach have to be different? Just make it some interesting and less childish.

There are also the virtual worlds Second Life and World of Warcraft, which, while not overtly about sex, make it fairly easy for users to engage in sexual activity.

And there is your big hint. Look at how people get together not play if I was a e.t.c. If they'd just change their name from Naughty America to something that was about people getting together in a virtual world and having fun. Then people would just eventually start having at it. Allowing people to do they thang is all that is needed. Look at youtube. People will just be how they are no matter what.

Add a little fantasy and not just lasers and dragons. But an alternate world to react in and your golden.

In Addition: I found this Flickr Photostream.

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