Friday, March 23, 2007

Sex Toy TV!

I don't know what it is or how to work it but I want it. Be an uniformed impulse shopper no more. LoveHoney has it all covered now. With the launch of their Sex Toys TV you can find out how to use that thing the right way. Or go yep I knew that was just very silly. Someone at LoveHoney in search of words called it the QVC for sex toys. Nope just a few clips of devices with some being demonstrated by clothed actors.

Ya know, it would be kinda cool if somebody did a home shopping network thing for "adult" stuff. No porno, I mean like back in the beginning the shopping channels would have lingerie for sale at valentines and mothers day. They never let the models wear anything that was hot and even then covered it all up. And the things they figured was too revealing they demonstrated on torso mannequins. Leave out the porno and the affected voice overs and that would be a great channel.

Advise for cheap bastards like me and oh, hey I thats why she likes to keep her pants on. The G-spot link helps keep the womans legs together while in the missionary position. Pulling and keeping the pants down around the ankles, same thing.

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