Monday, April 23, 2007

Anti Hoosier Gay

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WOODBURN, Ind. -- The column in the student newspaper seemed innocent enough: advocating tolerance for people ''different than you.''

But since sophomore Megan Chase's words appeared Jan. 19 in the Tomahawk, the Woodlan Junior-Senior High School newspaper, her newspaper adviser has been suspended and is fighting for her job, and charges of censorship and First Amendment violations are clouding this community.
School officials in this community say the issue isn't about First Amendment rights, but about a teacher who failed to live up to her responsibilities. They contend Sorrell should have alerted Principal Ed Yoder to the article because of the sensitivity of the material.

You want to show support for something some people don't like and so no first amendment here thank you and good day.

Resident Jim Bridge took exception to Sorrell's actions. ''I own my own business and anybody that did that to me would be fired on the spot. She knew it had to be controversial.''

Why did that guy get to comment as part of this story?

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