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Teachers Pet Ran Away

Sexy Teacher Anna
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If you love someone let them go.

The teenager, who is now 18, was asked by Ann Evans, prosecuting, how many times he had been in Saville-King's bedroom.

He replied: "Loads of times - up to a hundred maybe." Asked to describe the room, he said she had canvas pictures on a wall behind her bed, mirrored wardrobes and an en-suite shower room.

Prosecutors say the affair lasted for more than a year between 2004 and 2005, when the boy was aged 15 and 16. He told the jury how, when Saville-King learned he wanted to end the relationship because he had found a new girlfriend, she bombarded him with emails and MSN chat messages begging him to take her back.
One email read: "If you still love me and want this as much as I do, then contact me and we can be out of here as soon as we like."

"Surely you still love me," continued another. "Please don't leave me."
n another message, the schoolboy told his alleged lover how he had ended the relationship because he had been tormented by the thought of her being with her husband.

"I was second best and I had to think and a lot of nights cry and think of you and him in bed together," read the message. "You never gave me 100 per cent and I loved you more than you ever loved me and you were just laughing at me."

And when he don't come back. Try and punish him.

The relationship came to light after the teenager was summoned for a meeting at his school in Watford, Herts, in November 2005, when he was told that Saville-King had complained he was harassing her. "My mum was being told I was harassing Janine," he told the court. "That is when I told the truth."

Bonking around with a teenager, nothing wrong there. Calling the higher authorities when you can't get what you want. Now thats some crazy shit there.

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