Monday, April 16, 2007

I Still Don't Watch Goddamn American Idol

Okay start searching once the tape is out it should not be long before somebody makes a copy.

Beautiful brunette singer Olivia Mojica just missed becoming a finalist on “American Idol,” but she will now show she can go all the way in another field – the first contestant on the show to make a hardcore sex video.

A Texas native, the vivacious, green-eyed Mojica is the latest celebrity to see a video she recently made with her boyfriend find its way into the public arena and get broad distribution from Vivid Entertainment, the world's leading adult film company. The DVD is titled “Hardcore Idol” and preview footage is available to view at The DVD will be in stores across the country on May 3rd. Vivid is the same firm that is currently distributing the blockbuster sex video made by sultry socialite Kim Kardashian and R&B artist Ray J.

I hear there is a Clay Aiken Ruben Studdard sex tape too. One more year away from that Sangi kid making his were he has to thank everybody who has been voting for him. And I would like to thank Kieth Olbermann for keeping me up to date on that horrible show dammit.

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