Monday, April 16, 2007

Yoga puts body in touch for sex

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Principles apply in the bedroom
While it's easy to associate yoga with striking contortions - think scorpion and wheel - the practice can also enhance your intimate encounters (and we're not just talking flexibility here).

That's because sex and yoga are a divine pairing. At once physical and emotional, uplifting and challenging, they both use the body to calm the mind and stimulate the spirit. And just as a fulfilling yoga practice is based on physical agility, mental clarity and spiritual openness, every successful sexual union relies on a similar set of artfully orchestrated characteristics.
"The more receptive you are to yourself, the more receptive you'll be to another person," Courtney says. In the bedroom, this increased attentiveness helps you recognize subtle shifts in your partner - a level of focus that will put you on the fast track to becoming a world-class lover.
Take the time to be fully present - no mental grocery list, no daydreaming, no gathering of fears and insecurities. Look your partner in the eye, spend time on every caress and every kiss. If you fall into a pocket of inhibition, consider ahimsa, one of the first principles of yoga, which translates roughly to nonviolence or compassion. Refraining from judgment - of yourself and your partner - is a form of compassion that will help make sexual romps more liberating.

So, the next time you're in downward dog, make it a sensual experience. "Feel each finger pressing into the floor, notice changes in temperature, subtle muscular shifts, and energetic movements," Courtney says. Your yoga practice will become so much more than mere exercise or a simple stress reducer. And your sex life may reap the benefits.

Is it now okay for me to think durty thoughts while watching yoga on TV?

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